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Looking for a perfect integration between your Landscaping and Architectural designs? Are you continuously struggling to get detailed drawing models, hyper-realistic renders and 3D landscape models fully accessible in virtual reality too?

Experience your Landscaping designs in a BIM design workflow.

professional landscape design - Edificius LAND - ACCA software
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Technology already integrated in Edificius

Edificius LAND is the BIM software for landscape architecture and garden design.

The solution for architects, landscape architects, companies and professionals that need to:

  • design public spaces perfectly which need to be perfectly integrated with the architectural design of buildings, urban parks, gardens, etc.
  • produce highly detailed visually appealing project presentations using the best Rendering Engines available today choosing between Ray Tracing technology equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) Denoising and advanced Real-Time rendering (RT) and immersive Virtual Reality (VR) technologies.
  • model your land plots and terrain areas with super-fast but easy to use modelling tools to simulate earthworks phases including cuts & fills and get dynamically calculated volume data relating to the excavation amounts.
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Why is Edificius LAND the key solution public spaces and garden design?

Model terrain - Edificius LAND - ACCA software

using contour lines and contour plans from topographic land surveys in the DXF or DWG formats or directly from Google Maps™

professional landscape design 2D/3D software - Edificius LAND - ACCA software

use a huge number of optimized BIM objects available in the online library or even import your own custom 3D models in the SketchUp®, Blender®, Collada®, 3dsMax® file formats, etc.

Get detailed project drawings by drag and drop - Edificius LAND - ACCA software

GET DETAILED PROJECT DRAWINGS automatically generate area plans, cross-sections, axonometric views, legends... directly from the 3D BIM model of your project and, if necessary, export them in the DXF and DWG file formats.

Dynamic construction cost estimates - Edificius LAND - ACCA software

earthworks aspects including volume data for cut & fill operations are automatically calculated in background while you continue to work on your landscaping project

Produce high quality render - Edificius LAND - ACCA software

visually impressive presentations and renderings at your finger-tips with Real-Time rendering and high-resolution video

Project Immersive Virtual Reality - Edificius LAND - ACCA software

immersive experiences with interactive design and modelling tools while in the VRiBIM viewing technology, fully integrated in the software

Model your terrain from DXF/DWG - Edificius LAND - ACCA software

Model your terrain from a DXF/DWG land survey or directly from Google Maps™

Build your digital terrain model starting from topographic surveys in DXF/DWG format, technical maps (raster images), or even quickly from Google Maps™.satellite pics.

Get professional and accurate results in an extremely simplified workflow both in 2D or 3D, using specific objects which allow altimetric terrain modelling using contour lines or contour plans containing elevation altitude information.

Find more about terrain modelling
Design gardens 2/3D - Edificius LAND - ACCA software

Design your gardens in 2D or 3D adding external areas and layouts in your architectural masterplan

Edificius LAND allows you to model in both 2D and 3D. You can instantly access the objects used in any of your views modifying them whenever necessary.

With Edificius LAND you can import any type of building and structural model even if modelled with other 3D BIM design software, using either their native formats, or exporting in the standard IFC format supported by Autodesk® AutoCAD®, Autodesk® Revit®, Nemetschek® Allplan®, Graphisoft®, ArchiCAD®, Trimble® SketchUp® and many more.

Import 3D models from SketchUp - Edificius LAND - ACCA software

Access a BIM objects library or import 3D models from SketchUp®

Edificius LAND allows you to design gardens and landscapes with high quality dedicated objects, picking them up directly from its rich BIM objects library which is free and available both locally and online.

Streets, yards, sheds, stairs, ornamental walls, railings, swimming pools, water, playgrounds, fences, flowerbeds, courtyards and many other objects enable you to model all sorts of landscape environments in a professional manner and with no limits.

For example, using the “Tree” object, you can enrich your parks, gardens and any external space with trees, bushes and plants of any shape and with highly photorealistic quality.

The powerful “Vegetation” object makes things even quicker, allowing you to cover huge areas or insert trees, bushes and different kinds of plants along a predetermined path. Vegetation will be automatically distributed on your landscape plan randomly for a harmonic and realistic result.

Alternatively, you can always import your own tree, bush or plant models in any format, such as: SketchUp® (*.skp), Collada™ (*.dae/*.xml), 3dsMax® (*.3ds), etc.

For any single imported 3D model, Edificius LAND creates images, 2D blocks, and shapes and uses them for your working drawings in plan and elevation view.

Find more in the Online Catalogue
Dynamic production of project drawings - Edificius LAND - ACCA software

Dynamic production of project drawings and detailed quantity take offs

With Edificius LAND, starting from your 3D model, you can dynamically produce all relevant drawings for your project: area plans,, sections, elevation views, legends, etc.

Export your drawings in DXF/DWG and your reports in RTF.

Any modification in your drawings causes an overall update of your quantity survey and your cost estimate.

The dynamic quantity take off provides detailed information about earth movement volumes in cut & fill operations, comparing them on any level and for any element of your project.

Produce visually appealing project - Edificius LAND - ACCA software

Produce visually appealing project presentation material with great emotional impact

Edificius LAND is equipped with the most arch-viz production tools allowing you to prepare breath-taking project presentations without even being a Pro.

  • Instant rendering
    Photorealistic rendering, Transparent background rendering, magic rendering, clay renders etc. and advanced tools for photo editing, video presentations and animations.
  • Real-Time rendering
    Create photorealistic renderings of your garden or landscape project in real-time while still in the BIM design process with the RTBIM add-on module. Show your clients your project and allow them to interact and modify trees, materials, pools, furniture, etc.
  • Video Editing
    Even creat your multimedial presentations using the BIM Video Studio editing tools. Produce and publish 360° Panorama images for Facebook generated using the integrated Real-Time rendering engine for fully immersive presentations.
  • BIM Voyager
    With Edificius LAND, collaboration and cloud-based sharing has never been so easy to access. Publish your 3D models online and share them with whoever you want. Edificius LAND will save your BIM files on cloud creating a sharing link for your collaborators or clients to access to your 3D BIM model.
Take a digital tour with immersive virtual reality - Edificius LAND - ACCA software

Take your digital tour of the project in immersive Virtual Reality

Edificius LAND can be completed with the additional VRiBIM technology that lets you step inside the project in an Immersive Virtual Reality world.

The dynamic integration between the BIM model and Virtual Reality enables you to create immersive experiences modifying projects from inside the virtual space, even for checking different solutions and test them together with the client.

Find out more about VRiBIM technology

What can you do with Edificius LAND?

Download the software now, the fully functional version is free for you to use for 30 days. Learn how to use it in just a few hours while you get inspired by some gardens, green areas and park design examples.

Compare it to NBL Landscape Designer®, Google™ SketchUp®, Vectorworks® Landmark®…and you'll be the one to say it's the best landscape design program.

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professional landscape design - Edificius LAND - ACCA software
Example: designing an urban park
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  • Rendering with Artificial Intelligence (AIrBIM)
  • Real Time Rendering (RTBIM)

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Edificius LAND + RTBIM + VRiBIM3 yearsSubscription valid for 1 PC
  • Garden design, External spaces and Terrain Modelling
  • Rendering with Artificial Intelligence (AIrBIM)
  • Real Time Rendering (RTBIM)
  • Immersive Virtual Reality (VRiBIM)

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