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BIM Landscape Design

Here’s the easy to use gardens, exterior spaces, terrain modelling and landscape design software.

Professional and appealing results with 2D, 3D and Real Time rendering.


Landscape Design Software

Edificius LAND is the landscape design software for gardens, outdoor spaces and terrain modelling.

  • Model the terrain, in a user-friendly environment, for outdoor spaces arrangement in an intuitive methodical approach, with professional 3D graphical results, just as a land survey software, together with all the relevant analytical earthworks data.
  • Get topographic land survey data directly from Google Maps.
  • Produce a detailed construction estimate of the project thanks to the integration with PriMus.
  • Have Real Time Rendering integrated with the BIM model for a real-time assessment of the project and to create impressive presentations for your customers.
Landscape Design Software
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Technology already integrated in Edificius
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    2D - 3D Model- Edificius LAND - Acca software
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    Render Terrain modelling - Edificius LAND - Acca software

Why choose Edificius LAND as landscape design software for gardens and outdoor spaces design

Edificius LAND is the simple and effective tool to design the integration between buildings and outdoor spaces, the BIM technology for:

Terrain modeling

Terrain modelling

Topographic Land Survey

3D reconstruction of a topographic land survey

Dynamic comparison between the survey and design phases

Dynamic comparison between the survey and design phases

Dynamic calculation of all earthwork data

Dynamic calculation of all earthwork data


Seamless integration between the architecture of the buildings and outdoor spaces design

Real Time Rendering

Real Time Rendering integrated with the BIM model

Edificius LAND is the 3D landscape design software of the Edificius BIM software in which only a selection of useful features have been brought into the external spaces and landscaping design solution. Have a look at the comparison table between Edificius and Edificius LAND.

2D and 3D landscape design of gardens, public and private parks, landscape and exterior spaces

With Edificius LAND you can address garden design, public and private parks, landscape architecture and exterior spaces design in general, therefore anything connected with urban and public spaces planning.

You have specific BIM objects at your disposal to produce renderings and beautiful project presentations.
Roads, Yards, Shed structures, Stairs, Ramps… allow you to easily model the necessary objects for garden and exterior spaces design. Landscaping design projects can reach a high level of detail when using advanced parametric objects specifically developed for landscape design such as terrain profile pavements, exterior stair sets and ramps with railings, fences, gratings, gutters, sidewalks and kerbs, barriers, landscaping walls, etc.
Even the flowerbed and swimming pool are at your disposal as parametric BIM objects for modelling.
The Tree object also offers realistic photographic representations of a wide selection of trees, bushes and plants. Edificius LAND already comes with an archive of trees and many others can be downloaded from the continuously updated online catalogue.

2D and 3D landscape design

Import easily objects and 3D models

With the Vegetation object, speed up the modelling of vegetation: Enter multiple objects “Tree” (trees, bushes, plants, etc ..) of different types on a specific area or along a path.
The vegetation is automatically distributed randomly on the terrain profile (density, plant size, etc.) for a truly realistic modelling.
In addition to the online catalogue, you can easily import 3D models of trees, shrubs and plants in many other external formats, such as SketchUp (*.skp), Collada (.*dae/*.Xml), 3D Studio Max 3DS (*.3ds).
Edificius LAND, automatically generates a graphic image and a silhouette for each 3D model and a 2D block for the “Tree” object for a clean representation in both elevation and plan views. Edificius LAND supports full management of simple and complex objects (also in IFC) of any type.
Use furniture and decoration objects, etc., even if created with other modelling software, or even import the 3D model of an entire building. Edificius LAND can also be used to design gardens or exterior spaces to complete architectural projects produced with other CAD or BIM software.

Import easily objects and 3D models

Terrain modelling: reconstruction of a topographic land survey

With Edificius LAND quickly rebuild a complex topographic land survey working plan view or in directly in 3D. Get highly professional results in a very intuitive way with terrain contour lines, landscape plans, topo plans and height nodes.
Contour lines and topographic contour plans provide efficient and precise terrain modelling tools by means of known altitude values (iso-lines) or by means of triangulations with vertices at known altitudes (contour plans). The height nodes also allow precise fine tune modelling adding terrain details (such as small soil depressions or localized mounds).
Even import topographic land surveys from DXF/DWG land surveys to model the terrain automatically to be even more accurate and fast. After simple straight forward steps you get a 3D model of the terrain on which you can start working with specific landscaping BIM objects.

2D and 3D terrain modelling

With Edificius LAND, easily model your terrain, intuitively and with great simplicity, directly in the 3D landscape modelling environment. Define earthwork phases and organise them into project levels (earthworks, cut & fills, backfills, etc.) and automatically assess the relating data with regard to surfaces and volumes of soil being moved. Such data is vital when preparing BoQ documents.

For terrain modelling functions are supported by various designs tools that automate and speed up your design work:

  • Earthworks (automatic escarpment)
  • Linear excavation (also supports trenches)
  • Terrain Area (useful for covering sections of terrain with a different material)
  • Water expanse (sea, lakes, rivers and small water streams)
2D and 3D terrain modelling

Terrain modelling and Garden design: project documents that are generated automatically

Garden design and exterior spaces design, either from within the 2D or 3D landscape working environments, allows you to quickly generate these documents and drawings automatically:

  • plan views of the project (with customizable styles);
  • cross-sections (with the original land profile reference as obtained from the land survey)
  • isometric 3D views (with selection and styles)
  • perspective views
  • realistic views
  • renderings
  • animations (with 3D pathways)
  • dynamic comparisons between the land survey and the planned project phases (with step by step view of works)

The drawing model management is simple and flexible. Easily compose detailed drawing models to form construction documents and working drawings with great flexibility in customising layout styles. A series of 2D drawing support graphics allows you to choose from labels, legends, and tables… Everything automatically and dynamically aligned with the project’s graphical data.

Project documents

3D Real Time Rendering of exterior areas

With BIM design integrated with Real Time Rendering you can finally deal with exterior architecture assessing the results of your design choices in real time and produce realistic and professional project presentations.
The Edificius LAND catalogue contains a wide range of furniture and decorations for exterior spaces design and their representation. Import other objects available in other standard formats and enrich them with HD materials and colours (3D textures) to increase realism and produce exceptional graphical results. The archive also contains HD plants and vegetation with embedded motion for viewing in real time.
In addition, you can further enrich the scenes by easily applying:

  • Dynamic weather: clouds, rain, dynamic solar lighting;
  • fog effects;
  • animations: water, birds and vegetation (trees, bushes and plants);
  • 3D Audio effects.

Thanks to these extraordinary features your renderings and video become highly realistic and increase the level of involvement for the viewer in terms of beauty and realism.

3D Real Time Rendering

Garden and exterior spaces design integrated with bill of quantities data.

Edificius LAND even keeps track of surface and volume data in relation to the various earthwork phases. Simply:

  • select the elements
  • define a reference price list
  • define the rules of measurement
  • and get your BoQ automatically.

Each variation of the project corresponds to a seamless variation in the Bill of Quantities data and relating amounts.

Bill of quantities data
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