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The SMART structural calculations Masonry design software

EdiLus-Masonry is the masonry design software solution for calculating new and existing masonry structures with a SMART BIM input, much easier to use while being precise and rigorous

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Masonry Design Software

Why choose EdiLus-Masonry? The masonry design software that addresses structural calculations for masonry buildings

With EdiLus-Masonry you can also verify masonry buildings with reinforced concrete or wood elements in a simple, fast and rigorous manner. Quickly design your building using an advanced BIM technology with parametric objects and automatically get the analytic calculation model in the integrated FEM solver, dynamically run structural checks and retrieve all structural calculation results and data in graphical or numerical form, produce all your diagrams and drawings automatically together with detailed diagrams and technical reports… quite SMART, isn’t it?
Model with parametric objects

Model with parametric objects

Traditional and reinforced masonry with all the typical elements (holes, reveals, lintels, patches, reinforcements, ties, etc.)

FEM solver integrated into the software

The software contains its own integrated FEM solver that provides a unified experience in structural design. In a single software you can go through input, calculation and analysis, introduce changes and lauch printouts (diagrams, schedules and reports) in a simple and integrated manner.

FEM solver
Graphical analysis

Graphical analysis of calculation results

Each object can be displayed with displacements, tensional stresses in every point, etc… In addition to the detailed calculation results in numerical form, EdiLus provides various views that allow you to understand how the structure works at a glance.

Integrated construction estimating

New masonry structures and reinforcement interventions (edge beams, FRP, patches, reveals, wire meshes, grout, etc.) are all computed automatically and dynamically.

Integrated construction estimating
Integration with Edificius

Integration with Edificius

Thanks to the interaction between Edificius and EdiLus it is also possible to make Architecture and Structural engineering interact by seamlessly designing and calculating all structural elements.

Two-dimensional and three-dimensional input

2D or 3D model input with automatic recognition of drawings in DXF or DWG CAD file formats.

Two-dimensional and three-dimensional input
Modelling and reinforcement of composite masonry

Modelling and reinforcement of composite masonry

You can model any type of composite masonry or reinforce existing masonry with mortar platings, carbon fibres, etc.

Shell elements modelling

Starting from the simple masonry design, you automatically get the calculation model with a schematic analytical model in HP-SHELL elements with variable thickening for the most accurate simulation of particular points.

Shell elements modelling
Linear analysis

Linear analysis with identification of resistant wall elements

Wall webs and sub-masonry piers and fascias…

Drawings with the synthesis of calculation results

Frameworks, working drawings, reports, cost estimates, comparison between de facto and design stages, seismic vulnerability analysis.


Functions and resources

A software that goes well beyond masonry structure design

EdiLus is a modular solution (composed of EdiLus-Concrete, EdiLus-Masonry, EdiLus-Steel) and can be purchased via a subscription to one or more modules. This means that each client can choose the most appropriate configuration that best addresses their professional needs. As an example, structural engineers that deal mainly with masonry structure design, can subscribe to EdiLus-Masonry only.
For those that need to calculate mixed structures (masonry + steel or masonry + reinforced concrete), or want to calculate buildings with different structural member types, (steel and reinforced concrete) can choose to subscribe to multiple modules (EdiLus-Concrete and EdiLus-Steel) with the advantage of still having a single solution, which covers all structural design and calculation aspects while maintaining a single program interface.


Analysis of traditional or reinforced masonry buildings

EdiLus-Masonry performs the analysis of traditional or reinforced masonry buildings, even with special interventions with reinforced shotcrete, carbon fibers, etc… For mixed structures, the insertion of reinforced concrete and wooden elements is also supported.

From a “simple drawing” using objects (walls, beams, columns, slabs, staircases, roofs, ties, etc.) quickly obtain the entire analytical model ready for calculation with materials, load analysis and verifications, etc.
EdiLus-Masonry calculates the building in its entirety by automatically generating a sophisticated analytical structural model that takes into account all elements typical of a masonry building (reveals, lintels, edge beams, beams defined with generic materials, brickwork columns, arches and vaults, balconies, etc.).

A Masonry design software that automatically proceeds to:

  • Identifying the resistant wall elements
  • Carries out verifications
  • Local verifications (tilting and façade bulging)
  • Design and testing of reinforced concrete foundations

EdiLus-Masonry is a highly rigorous calculation program, in fact, the schematic diagram with triangular HP-SHELL elements with variable thickening, allows you to know the actual stress state of each masonry element and in each point.
EdiLus-Masonry also checks the actual distribution of stresses in Non-linear analysis.

Integration with Edificius

Thanks to the interaction between Edificius and EdiLus it is also possible to make Architecture and Structural engineering interact by seamlessly designing and calculating all structural elements.

Calculation of structural elements in reinforced concrete integrated within a masonry structure

In predominantly masonry structures, EdiLus-Masonry allows you to insert reinforced concrete elements to model the sub-structure foundations or small attached masonry buildings. You can also add a limited number of columns/shear walls, beams, walls, slabs, foundation slabs, floors and stairs to the structure too.

The maximum number of elements that can be added can be consulted in the program features comparison table of the three EdiLus solutions: EdiLus-Concrete, EdiLus-Masonry and EdiLus-Steel.

Complex wooden elements become simple

With EdiLus-MA, you can model complex elements such as wooden trusses with a neat parametric input to rapidly specify composition, size and geometry for every need. A masonry design software with dedicated tools to automate purlin input and their connection: even building up a very complex roof top becomes extremely simple!

Calculations and wooden member connections

Wooden members are verified for compressive-bending, shear and buckling also considering the possible inclination of the stress vector.

You can design and verify wood-wood connections where the software proceeds to appropriately shape each member at their contact points. Connections are defined in detail together with notches and support regions to run a comprehensive Contact Point Verification.

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