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Design of Steel Structures | EdiLus STEEL | ACCA software

Enjoy all the advantages of BIM technology with FEM solver integrated in the calculation of steel structures!

A simplified and intuitive workflow for designing simple and complex structures with connections, bracings and trusses and quickly generate all relevant construction details automatically.


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EdiLus STEEL is the BIM software for designing and calculating steel structures.

In a single graphic environment you get the BIM model of the structure, the FEM calculation model, a detailed graphical analysis of the results, automatic sizing of steel connections and all the relevant construction documents (working drawings, calculation reports, etc.).

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International technical regulations

The EdiLus solution allows structural engineers to design and work with reinforced concrete, steel, timber and masonry structures in compliance with the Eurocodes (EC) and relating national annexes and with the Brazilian Technical Standards (NBR). More info

Steel structure modelling with three-dimensional magnetic grids | EdiLus STEEL | ACCA software

Steel structure modelling with three-dimensional magnetic grids

With EdiLus STEEL the modelling of steel structures is simpler and faster thanks to the three-dimensional grids (Magnetic Grid).

With the Magnetic Grid you can generate a spatial grid of magnetic nodes to which you can attach steel beams and columns directly in 3D view.

Also associate the Magnetic Grid object to a DXF or DWG CAD format drawing and automatically convert the architectural model to a valuable structural model.

The software offers Magnetic Grids of different shapes and forms (standard, pyramidal, conical, cylindrical, spherical, helical, lattice) that you can easily modify to compose a wide variety of three-dimensional models and complex geometries.

With the Magnetic Grid, quickly model even reticular structures completely in 3D view.

The integration with EdiLus CONCRETE also allows you to model mixed steel-reinforced concrete structures directly in a single model.


Integrated structural model FEM solver | EdiLus STEEL | ACCA software

Dedicated parametric BIM objects for design and modelling and an integrated structural model FEM solver

The parametric object input in EdiLus STEEL allows you to model complex structures, check every detail and generate a detailed array of construction documents, drawings, calculations and structural checks all in a single phase.

All structural members (columns, beams, trusses, purlins, bracings, etc.) are parametric objects with their own specific mechanical characteristics and properties.

Thanks to advanced automatic design elements recognition functions, active in the magnetic grid, you can insert elements in an extremely fast, flexible and precise manner.

The software also provides a vast archive of the most widely used steel profiles: IPE, HE, Tubular, square-shaped, L-shaped, composite, etc.

The powerful integrated FEM solver optimizes and speeds up the analysis process allowing you to tackle every aspect of structural design directly within the program, without the risk of encountering structural defects and with considerable time savings too.

Structural steel detailing software | EdiLus STEEL | ACCA software
Steel design software free download for a month
Modelling of trusses and bracings starting from a specific library | EdiLus STEEL | ACCA software

Modelling of trusses and bracings starting from a specific library

EdiLus STEEL has a specific parametric object for truss modeling.

Just choose - with a special wizard - the truss model from a specific library and define its geometry:

  • Vierendeel
  • Pratt-Mohniè
  • Howe
  • Polonceau
  • Neville,
  • English,
  • Warren

Based on the design choices made, the software automatically generates all the structural elements of the truss object.

In the same way it is possible to insert concentric vertical or pitched bracings, X, V or inverted V.

3D graphical design environment for connections | EdiLus STEEL | ACCA software

3D graphical design environment for connections

Steel member connections design is integrated within the structure calculation.

You can choose between different types of connections:

  • flanges
  • angle cleats
  • gusset plates
  • splice plates
  • with anchor bolts

The advanced graphical input of the structure also guides the user in defining the geometry in compliance with regulatory indications.

The input phase is made particularly simple and precise with the aid of a detailed view of the construction detail which is contextual to the 3D view of the connection object.

Connections management is also extended to bracings and trusses objects too.

Structural steel software | EdiLus STEEL | ACCA software
Steel analysis software free to use for a month
Graphical checks for instability and resistance each structural member | EdiLus STEEL | ACCA software

Graphical checks for instability and resistance each structural member

EdiLus STEEL allows the design of steel buildings in compliance with Eurocodes (EC) and relating national annexes.

Performing static and dynamic analysis of the structure with an integrated FEM solver and checks exclusively at limit states:

  • Instability checks
  • Resistance checks
  • Deformability checks
  • Capacity Design checks for members and nodes resistances.
Real-time connection checks | EdiLus STEEL | ACCA software

Real-time connection checks

Simultaneously with the calculation of the structure, the inserted steel member connections are also checked:

  • bearing verifications
  • plate punching and resistance and any additional stiffening elements
  • bolt shear and tension checks
  • weldings shear and tensile/compression check
  • verification of contact stresses for connections with reinforced concrete elements/other materials
  • extraction checks for anchor bolts
3D Graphical view of results with color mapping of displacements | EdiLus STEEL | ACCA software

3D Graphical view of results with color mapping of displacements, stresses, tensions...

With EdiLus-STEEL consult and check the calculation results relating to members, connections, displacements, stresses, tensions, etc. in an easy to read 3D graphical representations with colour coding.

While in 3D view, a powerful self-diagnosis feature allows you to check for any unverified rods or connections.

The program also returns a color coded mapping of the safety coefficients representative of the materials work rate.

Steel structure calculations and schedules printed | EdiLus STEEL | ACCA software

Steel structure calculations and schedules printed or exported to excel or made available directly online

Just by simply modelling the structure, EdiLus STEEL provides you with:

  • the construction drawings of the entire framing layout with connection positions and identification labels;
  • the connection construction details;
  • the floor slab frames with formwork layouts;
  • calculation reports, the geotechnical report and tables, etc.;
  • a detailed cost estimate of all elements used (plates, rods, bolts, etc.).

Thanks to the calculation data export feature, you can intuitively run a metallic structure calculation, steel beams calculations, metallic beams calculations in Excel or directly online using the usBIM platform, available for free together with the software.

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Carlos G. Bailón

"Fast and intuitive modelling: the automatic reinforcements that it suggests seemed very useful too."

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Carlos G. BailónArgentina

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If you are calculating and verifying buildings with only one type of structural element, in this case, you may subscribe to a single module only. If you need to address mixed structures calculations, or want to calculate buildings with combinations of structural members, (reinforced concrete, steel and masonry) you can subscribe to multiple modules with the advantage of still having a single software which covers all types of structures.

The comparative table, proposed below, shows the type and number of structural elements available in each separate EdiLus module.

Reinforced concrete elements
Columns, Slanted columns, Shear walls   50 elements 10 elements
Beam, Deep beams   80 elements 10 elements
Walls   280 m² (*) 2 elements
Slabs   280 m² (*) 2 elements
Slab (calculation section)      
Reinforced concrete elements (foundation)
Winkler beam      
Plinth, Plinth on poles, Plinths in glass      
Walls   280 m² (*)  
Steel elements
Steel columns      
Steel beams      
Steel trusses      
Masonry elements
Masonry pillar      
Reinforced masonry      
Masonry Reinforcement interventions      
Ties, pre-tensioned cables      
Masonry foundation      
Elements in wood and laminated wood
Timber columns/laminated wood      
Timber beams/laminated wood      
Timber trusses/laminated wood      
Technical regulation
Eurocodes CEN-EN Eurocode (EC)      
Eurocodes UNE-EN Eurocódigo (EC)      
Eurocodes NF EN Eurocodes (EC)      
Eurocodes BS EN Eurocode (EC)      
Eurocodes NP EN Eurocódigo (EC)      
Eurocodes HRN EN Eurocode (EC)      
EurocodiciSS EN Eurocode (EC)      
ABNT - Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas ABNT Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas (NBR) **      
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(*) A total of up to 280 m 2 can be inserted between slabs, slabs and walls.
(**) With the "ABNT Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas (NBR)" it is possible to design only NEW reinforced concrete buildings.