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Enjoy all the advantages of BIM technology with an integrated FEM solver in reinforced concrete structure calculations!

Design your structure in an intuitive workflow and get all the necessary reinforcement details and construction documents automatically...


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EdiLus CONCRETE is the BIM software for the calculation of reinforced concrete structures of new and existing buildings.

In a single graphical environment, get the BIM model of your structure, FEM calculations, graphic analysis of the results,  automatic reinforcement bars sizing and all project documents (working drawings, calculation reports, etc.).

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International technical regulations

The EdiLus solution allows structural engineers to design and work with reinforced concrete, steel, timber and masonry structures in compliance with the Eurocodes (EC) and relating national annexes and with the Brazilian Technical Standards (NBR). More info

Concrete structure 3D modelling - EdiLus CONCRETE - ACCA software

Concrete structure modelling either in plan view or directly in 3D with "intelligent" BIM objects

EdiLus BIM technology allows you to model structural elements (columns, beams, floors) with great simplicity with an intuitive in 2D or 3D graphical input based on intelligent parametric objects.

Each object is represented graphically and dynamically connected to a database of information that univocally identifies it in its dimensional, geometric and physical characteristics (materials, mechanical properties, etc.).

Start modelling and inserting structural members from DXF/DWG CAD drawings or from IFC file format BIM models; you can also import an architectural project directly from Edificius.

Any data assigned as an object characteristic constitutes a new input element for the calculation and each change immediately becomes a new condition to address during the verification process.

All data is stored in a single database and in a single file, with all the advantages that follow.

A powerful diagnostic is active in every phase of the design: at each modification it checks if errors have been introduced or if any errors already present have been corrected.

A simple structural modelling process to define nodes, loads, constraints... The structural calculation model is automatically recognized from the model!

Integrated FEM solver - EdiLus CONCRETE - ACCA software

FEM structural calculation solver integrated in the software

View the generated FEM model in real time based on the modelled structure and its loads.

EdiLus CONCRETE performs the necessary calculations for vulnerability analysis and for the design of interventions to improve the seismic behaviour of new and existing buildings in reinforced concrete in compliance with Eurocodes (EC) and relating national annexes and Brazilian technical standards (NBR)*.

With the integrated FEM solver:
  • view the generated FEM model in real time based on the modelled structure and its loads.
  • quickly analyze complex structures even of large dimensions.

The calculation process uses high-performance elements such as:

  • triangular HP-SHELL elements equipped with "drilling" degree of freedom;
  • the HP-BEAM element, with flexible beam, 2 hinges on each side, rigid arms, freely oriented, end junctions and elastic soil behaviour at the flexible part, allows to obtain rigorous calculation results, without the approximations deriving from less appropriate schematizations.

The solver is further enhanced by the automatic discretization function of the shell elements, which allows the designer to consider the real displacements between the various structural elements and allows to define variable thickening between the edges and the inside of the shell mesh.

Graphical representations of the calculation results - EdiLus CONCRETE - ACCA software

Clear and effective graphical representations of the calculation results

EdiLus represents the results directly in graphical form by means of easy to read diagrams or 3D colour maps.

Loads, tensions, stresses, thanks to object-oriented technology, can be queried by the user for complete control of the performed analysis.

With a 3D colour mapped animation of the structure, EdiLus allows you to simulate and evaluate the dynamic evolution of the designed structure under the effects of an earthquake.

Design, customization and 3D visualization of reinforcements - EdiLus CONCRETE - ACCA software

Design, customization and 3D visualization of reinforcements

EdiLus CONCRETE automatically sizes the reinforcements of the various structural elements in compliance with regulatory requirements.

You are free to customize the reinforcement bars; each modification will correspond to the updating of the rebar bending schedules, shear and torsion diagrams.

The internal diagnostics helps you to verify correctness of any modifications made to the model in real time. In addition, you can keep manual changes and customizations made to the reinforcement schedules.

Reinforcements can also be displayed in 3D; the three-dimensional view of reinforcements allows you to easily examine the various structural elements in detail.

Thanks to the 3D reinforcement design function, each object is able to automatically increase its information level following the structural calculation with the increase in the definition and detail of the object (LOD) and the consequent level of definition of the project.

The new LOD of the project achieved following the calculation can be exported in the IFC format and shared to allow the construction of a shared digital model which is continuously defined and updated with more detail.

Hallow and deep foundations - EdiLus CONCRETE - ACCA software

Design of buildings with shallow and deep foundations

EdiLus CONCRETE allows the user to model both shallow and deep foundations.

Reinforced concrete piles can be modeled under any type of foundation (Plinths, foundation slabs and Winkler beams).

It performs the verification of vertical and horizontal limit loads and the compressive-bending and shear checks at the Ultimate Limit State for each individual pole.

It also provides the "foundation socket" object for both piles on poles and on direct poles, so as to model structures with plinths based on foundation sockets.

Design, customization and 3D visualization of reinforcements - EdiLus CONCRETE - ACCA software

Design of concrete slabs with infill-blocks

EdiLus CONCRETE allows you to design any type of infill-block floor slab: cast in situ, prestressed joists, lattice rafters and prefabricated panels (predalles slabs).

From the simple definition of the slab structure, the "continuous beam" calculation scheme is automatically obtained with the generation of all load combinations.

Reinforcements, generated automatically, are freely customizable by the user.

Design and calculate solid wood and glulam elements (beams, columns, trusses and purlins) - EdiLus CONCRETE - ACCA software

Design and calculate solid wood and glulam elements (beams, columns, trusses and purlins)

With EdiLus CONCRETE you can model roofs, porches and other timber based components to complete a reinforced concrete or mixed structure.

You can integrate one-dimensional solid wood and glulam elements into the structure (such as beams and columns with rectangular and circular section types) and complex objects such as trusses (an advanced parametric input allows you to customize the model, its composition, geometry and dimensions).

A specific function allows you to automatically insert connection purlins in just a few clicks.

Automatic Construction documents - EdiLus CONCRETE - ACCA software

Construction documents are produced automatically

With EdiLus automatically produce Calculation and Technical Reports, Calculation Tables, highly detailed Working Drawings and Bill of Quantities

All construction drawings are composed directly within the program by simply dragging and dropping the single drawings into the working drawings layout already pre-formatted with a wide range of title-blocks.

All produced drawings can be printed or exported in standard formats including dxf, dwg, pdf, rtf, etc.

Any changes made to the structure are immediately updated in the Project Documents and in the Bill of Quantities too maintaining a constant alignment between the structural model, the relating project documents set and the structural element quantities.

Free Technical support and Training ACCA is always by your side providing the technical support you need during your daily work

If you are calculating and verifying buildings with only one type of structural element, in this case, you may subscribe to a single module only. If you need to address mixed structures calculations, or want to calculate buildings with combinations of structural members, (reinforced concrete, steel and masonry) you can subscribe to multiple modules with the advantage of still having a single software which covers all types of structures.

The comparative table, proposed below, shows the type and number of structural elements available in each separate EdiLus module.

Reinforced concrete elements
Columns, Slanted columns, Shear walls   50 elements 10 elements
Beam, Deep beams   80 elements 10 elements
Walls   280 m² (*) 2 elements
Slabs   280 m² (*) 2 elements
Slab (calculation section)      
Reinforced concrete elements (foundation)
Winkler beam      
Plinth, Plinth on poles, Plinths in glass      
Walls   280 m² (*)  
Steel elements
Steel columns      
Steel beams      
Steel trusses      
Masonry elements
Masonry pillar      
Reinforced masonry      
Masonry Reinforcement interventions      
Ties, pre-tensioned cables      
Masonry foundation      
Elements in wood and laminated wood
Timber columns/laminated wood      
Timber beams/laminated wood      
Timber trusses/laminated wood      
Technical regulation
Eurocodes CEN-EN Eurocode (EC)      
Eurocodes UNE-EN Eurocódigo (EC)      
Eurocodes NF EN Eurocodes (EC)      
Eurocodes BS EN Eurocode (EC)      
Eurocodes NP EN Eurocódigo (EC)      
Eurocodes HRN EN Eurocode (EC)      
EurocodiciSS EN Eurocode (EC)      
ABNT - Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas ABNT Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas (NBR) **      
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(*) A total of up to 280 m 2 can be inserted between slabs, slabs and walls.
(**) With the "ABNT Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas (NBR)" it is possible to design only NEW reinforced concrete buildings.