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The first 3D Real Time rendering software for Architecture integrated with BIM design. See the results of your design choices in real time

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3D Real Time Rendering software: real time photorealistic renderings for architecture.

Edificius is now the first software that integrates Real Time Rendering and BIM design to produce photorealistic renderings of architecture in real-time, while continuing to work with the BIM!
Dynamic integration of 3D real time rendering and BIM meet for the first time: photorealistic renderings that not only serve as a means of presenting your projects but also support the designer in choosing materials, objects and lighting solutions…

BIM software con Real-Time Rendering - Edificius

Now you can forget the long waiting times when rendering!

With Real Time Rendering integrated with BIM, you can see the result of your design choices in real time. Experience shapes, materials, objects, lights… check the validity of your design choices instantly.

BIM software con Real-Time Rendering - Edificius

Put your customer at the center of the project!

With Real Time Rendering integrated with BIM, you can now show the project to your customer and make any changes in real time assessing the different effects of materials, colours, furniture, etc… and see it all in real time.
A professional touch that your client will love and appreciate!

3D Real Time Rendering software: now you can check your architectural choices as you continue to work

Real-Time Rendering e BIM per la prima volta integratii - Edificius-RTBIM

3D Real Time Rendering software integrated with BIM for the first time: see the advantages?

Edificius RTBIM is the 3D real time rendering software that dynamically integrates with the Edificius BIM software and with the following advantages:

  • Greater simplicity
  • Real integration with architectural design
  • Huge time savings compared to older technologies

The integration of real time rendering with BIM completely changes the concept of architectural rendering.
Unlike other rendering software (both with the classic ray tracing and real time rendering technologies) the allocation of materials and colors, objects and scenarios, are inserted directly into the BIM Model.
The BIM objects actually use HD features (such as 3D textures) that allow Edificius RTBIM to create a real-time high-quality rendering of the scene. When changing materials, colors or object characteristics, the relating representation in the real time rendering view, also change instantly.
Furniture, lighting or environmental characterization are defined during the BIM design process, therefore, these are correctly represented in plan view, cross-sections, isometric views, etc… Even the BoQ is affected and of course the real time rendering view too.

Filmati Real Time Rendering - Edificius-RTBIM - ACCA software

Everything is perfectly and dynamically integrated respecting the true BIM philosophy.
The integrated real time-BIM integration is undisputedly a much more powerful technology compared to other software where the rendering process is a completely detached activity from the creative design phase. Rendering software that keeps these phases separate, simply act as a sort of post processing beautification of the project with the addition of materials, objects, and effects that have no interaction with the project itself.
With Edificius RTBIM integrated in Edificius, however, the designer can check design validity in real time through an unparalleled technological support, easily and quickly producing HQ images and HD video. A rendered image of the project is achieved with a simple click and high-definition video in a matter of minutes, instead of several days of processing.
Edificius RTBIM, the real-time rendering software integrated in Edificius, is also easier to use even for those that do not have any specific experience in rendering because most of the choices are made during the BIM design process in a completely natural and familiar manner.
Ultimately, with Edificius RTBIM, you can produce rendered images and HD video of your projects without any fuss and with great simplicity.

Effetti luce ed effetti di post processo

Lighting effects and post processing effects

Among the effects that will ensure a professional photorealistic result in the Edificius RTBIM real time rendering view, you also have the following:

  • Light effects
    • Lens Flare
    • Bloom (Glow)
    • Light Scattering (light diffusion)
    • Auto Exposure (Automatic brightness adjustment)
  • Post processing effects
    • DOF (Variable Depth of Field)
    • Scene contrast
    • Vignette effect
Real-Time Rendering di interni

3D Rendering of interior design solutions in real time

Thanks to the Edificius RTBIM real-time rendering, integrated in Edificius, it now becomes much easier to even VERIFY Interior Design solutions. Objects taken from Edificius’ catalogue, the online catalogue or those simply imported in other standard 3D model formats are enriched with materials with 3D textures to achieve incredibly realistic RESULTS.
The real time rendered model, allows you to generate realistic materials with specular reflections and Dynamic Real Time shadows generated from light points appropriately positioned in the project.
All of these representations help to evaluate interior design aspects in detail and allow you to create attractive presentations for your customers.

Real-Time Rendering di esterni

3D Rendering of exterior design solutions in real time

Even the design of gardens, outdoor spaces, public and private parks or the simple arrangement of outdoor and urban spaces, whether related or not to a building project, are enriched with the possibility to produce very realistic and professional representations.
The Edificius or Edificius LAND catalogue has a wide variety of objects for laying out furniture and visually representing exterior spaces. Other objects can be imported in other standard 3D model file formats and enriched with materials with 3D textures to achieve incredibly realistic renderings. The new archive also contains plants and DD vegetation with motion for real time viewing.

With Edificius RTBIM integrated in Edificius, scenes can be enhanced even further by adding:

  • Dynamic weather system: clouds, rain, dynamic solar lighting;
  • Fog effects;
  • Animations: water, birds and vegetation (trees, bushes and plants);
  • Three-dimensional sound effects.

With these advanced features yo can quickly produce truly extraordinary rendered images and video that excite and involve the viewer for the beauty and realism of the result.

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Edificius is now also available in the Edificius VR configuration that integrates an Immersive Virtual Reality working environment Find out more


Yes, with Edificius you no longer need multiple software solutions for your architectural design work. With a single software you can cover architectural design, outdoor spaces, gardens and landscaping design, interior design, plant installations.

Edificius is distributed in two different configurations:

  • Edificius, the BIM software for architectural design
  • Edificius VR, the architectural BIM design software that integrates BIM model navigation and editing directly from an immersive Virtual Reality environment.

Summary comparative table:

  Edificius Edificius VR
Architectural design
Architecture and interior design
Garden and landscaping design (1)
MEP systems modeling (2)
BIM integration
4D BIM integration: project time management
5D BIM integration: metric calculation of the project
Integration with EdiLus for structural calculations
Integration with PriMus for advanced construction cost estimating features
Architectural Visualization
Photorealistic renderings
Real Time Rendering
BIM video studio
Immersive Virtual Reality (3) (3)
BIM VOYAGER (online sharing and 3D model browser navigation)
Import/Export in IFC format
Project sharing with usBIM.platform (4)
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(1) Edificius features also available in the Edificius LAND specialistic software.

(2) Edificius features (available soon) also in the Edificius MEP specialistic software (coming soon).

(3) Immersive Virtual Reality is available only with the Edificius VR configuration.

(4) The BIM collaborative platform ( usBIM.platform ) will be available soon.

See the complete comparative table

You can integrate Edificius with other ACCA software solutions for structural calculations and cost estimates/BoQs.

You have dynamic integration with Sketchup and Blender for free-form solid modeling.

Use all the power of DWG native 2D and 3D CAD software, Edificius-CAD, included for free in Edificius.

Import and export the architectural BIM model in the IFC format. Get topographic and land survey data directly from Google Maps.

Yes, Real Time Rendering is integrated into Edificius.

No, the Immersive Virtual Reality feature is only available in the Edificius VR configuration.

Terrain modeling, outdoor spaces and gardens design are specific functions available in:

  • a dedicated environment integrated into the software
  • the Edificius-LAND specific software (available separately).

YES, with Edificius you can collaborate in the BIM process in complete security because it is a software certified by buildingSMART.

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is increasingly becoming a reality that implies collaboration, interoperability and coordination between the various role players of the construction industry. With Edificius, you can collaborate safely with all the best Authoring and BIM Tools certified by Building Smart International.

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