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Need to produce superb, convincing visuals for your architectural work?

3D Rendering, Real-Time Rendering, Immersive Virtual Reality, Scene Photomontages, Video Editing... only with Edificius you get a full range of architectural visualization tools all in a single software!

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Only Edificius offers you all the tools - dynamically integrated into the BIM model - to impress clients and building companies, reduce project evaluation processes, avoid misunderstandings, increase productivity...
What is Architectural Visualization and what is it used for | ACCA software

What is Architectural Visualization and what is it used for?

Architectural Visualization is a fundamental phase of the design process when it comes to presenting your design ideas.

Architectural Visualization is rapidly becoming a discipline that includes modern digital visualization techniques to describe architectural projects with more convincing content and enhanced photo-realism.

As an activity aimed at communicating and sharing information about the project, it fits rightfully into the BIM process and aims to simplify the relationship between the client, designer and manufacturer, drastically reducing project timing processes and the possibility of introducing errors resulting from communication gaps.

But Architectural Visualization isn't just about impressing the customer with special effects. It's also about showing the various design options with finishes, materials, doors, windows, etc. so that the client can be part of the design process, asks for changes and approve.

Have you ever wondered how much time passes between the first project presentation and the initial phases of construction? That’s why, it is important to get your customers to understand the concept, get them involved dynamically in the design process and, if necessary, propose alternative solutions.


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Photorealistic renderings: a powerful integrated engine for fast and professional results | ACCA software

Photorealistic renderings: a powerful integrated engine for fast and professional results

With Edificius you don't need different software to impress your clients with CG Artwork for architectural design and rendering of your architectural projects. Thanks to the integrated rendering engine you get:

  • Enhance your idea of architecture with high-impact photo realistic visualizations
  • Interior design renderings that capture all the details with an extensive online library of interior design furniture and material assets
  • Physically accurate exterior renderings, to enhance your project portfolio with superb imagery for your landscaping, gardens and outdoor spaces creating truly impressive presentations

Buildings are becoming sophisticated pieces of engineering and it's often very difficult to understand their complexity by simply looking at 2D drawings, in fact, it’s not enough to simply see architecture, you need to experience it too and that’s why here at ACCA software, we are obsessed with bringing the best BIM design tools and technologies to our clients making them intuitive and easy to use. With Edificius, even during the rendering process, you can still continue to change the different lighting and exposure settings or add depth of field, lens flares effects, experiment with tone mapping or HDR panorama backgrounds too.


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Photo editing and scene photomontages: one click and you see your project in its real context

The photo editing and scene photomontage functions are also seamlessly integrated into the software and the BIM model.

The integrated scene photomontage and photo editing tools means you do not need to resort to any external software to simulate how your building will look like when inserted in its natural context. Take a photo, upload it to your project and with a few simple steps the result is already there before your eyes!


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Real-Time Rendering: evaluate your project in real time | ACCA software

Real-Time Rendering: evaluate your project in real time

As an essential part of the design and ArchViz process, it’s crucial to be able to create professional renderings quickly, intuitively and preferably using an all-in-one software solution. In fact, Edificius allows you to design with BIM technology and benefit from a full integration with powerful Real Time rendering visualization tools.

The full integration of highly-intuitive BIM modelling tools with Real-Time rendering capabilities, completely changes the concept of Architectural Visualizations.
Unlike other rendering software (both with classic ray tracing and real-time rendering technology) even assigning materials and colors, objects and background scenarios are inserted directly into the BIM model. BIM objects can easily be assigned with PBR (Physically Based Rendering) textures alongside typical BIM-related property sets, that bring your models to life when moving on to showcasing your work to clients. There's no need to export your architectural model nor re-assign materials when switching to the advanced rendering modes.

Thanks to Real-Time Rendering technology, designers can truly understand the different possible design solutions allowing discerning clients to experience high-quality visual output in a fraction of the time necessary with traditional rendering techniques. This enhanced performance allows architects and designers to face even the most intense workloads, focusing more on the creativity aspects without wasting time while increasing their productivity.


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Video Editing: a professional movie set where you can video-edit your presentations | ACCA software

Video Editing: a professional movie set where you can video-edit your presentations

Edificius is also an extraordinary video editing tool The BIM Video Studio environment offers a integrated video-editing tool to create video presentations of the project.

Videos created with BIM video studio are dynamically linked to the BIM model; similar to other typical building design output (floor plans, cross-sections, axonometric views and other representations of the 3D model), videos generated with this environment will automatically be cross-updates whenever the BIM model is modified.

All the representation material can be easily assembled using the video track time-line by defining track sequence, overlapping of text, other static or dynamic images relating to the drawings, photo-reels (set of photos that define an animated path within a scene) or simple photos.


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Immersive virtual reality: take a virtual tour of the project and modify it in real time | ACCA software

Immersive virtual reality: take a virtual tour of the project and modify it in real time

Edificius is the first VR enabling technology providing the AEC professional with the ability to experience their digital building prototypes and interact with them more intuitively in an immersive design environment fully integrated and dynamically connected to the BIM model: VRiBIM.

With VRiBIM you can explore your architectural model and continue to compare different design solutions in immersive virtual reality. With VRiBIM, you can continue to modify the BIM model - either from the immersive virtual reality environment or from the Edificius BIM modelling editor - while your client participates in a virtual tour providing immediate feedback on the most appropriate design and modelling solutions.


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View your models online with any device | ACCA software

View your models online with any device

With Edificius construction visualization software, you can publish your 3D models online and share them with everyone. Publish your BIM models to the BIM voyager platform - simply share a link to access to the 3D BIM model.

All you need is an internet connection and a browser to easily view the project using your PC, smartphone or tablet.


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