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Landscape Design Software

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modellazione-terrreno - Edificius-LAND - ACCA software

Terrain modelling

Model the terrain, in a user-friendly environment, for outdoor spaces arrangement in an intuitive manner and quickly rebuild a complex topographical land survey working either in 2D or 3D. Get topographic land survey data directly from Google Maps.

Design better - Edificius - ACCA software

Gardens, public and private parks, landscape and exterior spaces design

You have specific BIM objects to address garden design, private and public parks, landscaping and exterior spaces design and in general, urban spaces and public areas.

rendering 3D-Real Time esterni - Edificius-LAND - ACCA software

3D Real Time Rendering of exterior spaces

With BIM integrated Real Time Rendering finally address landscaping design to assess the results of your design choices in real time producing highly realistic and professional representations.

integrazione bim google maps - Edificius-LAND - ACCA software

Get topographic land survey data directly from Google Maps satellite imagery

Build up your land survey model directly from Google Maps: simply trace your land plot perimeter terreno in a dynamic connection with Google Maps and Edificius-LAND will process the topographical data generating the land survey model automatically.

computo elenco prezzi - Edificius-LAND - ACCA software

Automatic project documentation

From the 2D and 3D drawing environments, automatically produce floor plans, cross-sections, isometric views, perspective views, realistic views, renderings, animations, dynamic comparisons between the land survey and the planned situation.

computo - Edificius-LAND - ACCA software

Garden and exterior spaces design integrated with bill of quantities and cost estimating

Edificius-LAND even keeps track of surface and volume data in relation to the various earthwork phases. Each variation of the project corresponds to a seamless variation in the Bill of Quantities data and relating amounts.