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Architectural design
Building envelopes (building envelopes, curved building envelopes, horizontal building envelopes, curtain wall, curved curtain wall, dummy building envelope, roof)
Openings and rooms (door, window, hole, roof dormer, room)
Walls, slabs, stairs, etc. (wall, curved wall, slab, staircase (1), ramp (1) , railing(1)) (1) (1)
Columns and beams (column, beam, steel column, steel beam, custom beam, curved beam, beam gridwork (lattice), steel truss, wood truss)
Fills and surface linings (filling, curved filling, horizontal filling, lining, water expanse (1)) (1) (1)
Other architectural objects (solid extrusion(1), solar shading, panel(1), tree (1), 3D Model(1), awning, light well, downpipe, canopy(1), light point(1) ) (1) (1)
Plant systems (device box, junction box, electrical panel)
Terrain modeling
Terrain modeling (terrain perimeter, DXF/DWG survey, contour line, contour plan, elevation node, earthworks, linear excavation, terrain area)
Roads, squares, stairs, ramps, etc. (street, square, staircase, ramp, railing)
Walls, flowerbeds, swimming pools, vegetation (landscaping wall, flowerbed, pool, tree, vegetation, solid on terrain)
Other external arrangements (solid extrusion, panels, 3D model, canopy, expanse of water, light point)
2D Graphics, Annotations and Support for drawing
Points and guidelines, construction grids, DXF/DWG import
Lines, polylines, arcs and circumferences
2D blocks, images and raster import
Measurements of lines, angles, arcs and surfaces, elevations and spaces
Graphic forms, texts and annotations
Labels, legends and orientation
Documents (reports, tables and schedules, working drawings)
Architectural Report
Tables and schedules
Area plans
Floor plans
Elevation views
Axonometric views and cutaway drawings
Perspective views
Comparison tables (Demolish and Build
Architectural visualization and project presentation
AIrBIM - Rendering with Artificial Intelligence (AI)
RTBIM - Real Time Rendering (RT)
VRiBIM - Immersive Virtual Reality (VR) (2) (2) (2)
Scene photo-montages
Video and Animations
BIM Video Studio
BIM VOYAGER (online publication and browser navigation of the 3D model)
BIM integration
BIM integration with EdiLus for structural calculation
BIM integration with PriMus for the metric calculation
BIM 4D integration (gantt): project time management
BIM 5D integration: construction cost estimating
BIM integration with native DWG 2D/3D CAD
BIM integration with Real Time Rendering
BIM Integration with Immersive Virtual Reality (2) (2) (2)
BIM integration with SketchUp®
BIM integration with Blender®
BIM integration with Google Maps®
BIM integration with other software supporting the IFC Standard
2D Exports (.DXF,.DWG,.SVG)
3D Exports (.OBJ,.SKP,.DAE,.STL,.PLY,.IFC)
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(1) Architectural objects also available in Edificius LAND and Edificius LAND VR

(2) Immersive Virtual Reality is available only in Edificius VR and Edificius LAND VR configurations.