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Edificius-CAD is a native DWG CAD software integrated into the Edificius solution, a unified design solution formed of a CAD, BIM (architecture and landscape design), 3D modeling, Rendering and Real Time rendering.

Edificius isn’t just a BIM software, but an integrated solution with SMART answers to 3D modeling design requirements that often occur in architecture. A DWG CAD software is definitely a necessary tool that can support a variety of design aspects. A professional software based on IntelliCAD technology with high level performance. Together with a subscription to Edificius, in addition to the BIM software (architecture and landscaping), the traditional rendering and real time rendering tools, you also get a DWG/CAD software with a user license.

Edificius-CAD is the SMART choice to have a professional CAD software for your planning and design activities.

With Edificius-CAD you have interface, general functions and data-formats similar to those of the most popular professional CAD market solutions. A software that gives you the advantages of not having to learn a new way to work, to freely exchange data in DWG and DXF formats with other CAD applications and to have a User license included in one subscription package including your BIM (architecture and landscaping design) and rendering (traditional ray-tracing and real time).

Edificius-CAD is a 2D and 3D DWG CAD software that allows you to draw common graphical entities such as (lines entities, polylines, arcs, circles, blocks, hatches, splines, 3D polylines, mesh, face, 3D solid face, helices, cloud baloons, revision baloons, etc) with interface, drawing modes and commands similar to the most popular professional CAD market solutions.
Edificius-CAD saves a native DWG file (compatible with other CAD applications); the software saves and opens CAD files in the “AutoCAD DXF” format (from release 2.5 to release 2013) and the “AutoCAD DWG” format (from release 11/12 to release 2018).

Edificius-CAD also allows you to open DWG files created and saved with AutoCAD 2018.

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The main CAD features

  • Compatibility with classic AutoCAD commands “line”,”menu” (MNU) and script (SCR) files, hatches, fonts and true type fonts
  • Management of complex linetypes
  • Multiline Text
  • Audit Functions Check and Recover
  • Visual customization of menus and toolbars
  • Reads BMP, GIF, JPG, TIF image filetypes within the DWG file
  • Exports WMF files, EMF, and SLD (slides)
  • Management and editing of multiple drawings
  • Explorer and Management for layers, blocks, linetypes, etc., even throughout multiple drawings
  • RASTER image Management
  • “Publish” Feature (simple system to create a group of drawings on paper or in electronic format)
  • Opens MicroStation design files (*.dgn) and Collada fileypes (.*dae)
  • Also supports the “.cui” filetype (customization file for workspaces, toolbars, menus, ribbon, keyboard shortcuts)
  • Command Auto-complete function
  • Layer states Management (Save, restores and manages the named layer states)
  • Rendering
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Edificius is now also available in the Edificius VR configuration that integrates an Immersive Virtual Reality working environment Find out more