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BIM 4D GANTT | Edificius | ACCA sotware
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With Edificius, spot risks before they become problems by defining and controlling construction work phases and activity timing more efficiently. Check and manage critical paths and reduce construction duration and costs effectively.

BIM 4D GANTT | Edificius | ACCA software

The BIM 4D GANTT environment, integrated in Edificius, allows you to deal with your construction project’s "time-variable" without any external applications.

  • plan, manage and optimize project execution and work phases
  • check for task overlaps and evaluate different interference scenarios
  • simulate project evolution in the Real-Time Rendering environment
  • improve communication with the various design team members and whoever else is involved in the project and its construction, also with the support of videos and animations.
compose your gantt with drag and drop - Edificius - ACCA software

From WBS to GANTT: manage and optimize planning and construction work phases and time schedules

With Edificius plan each phase by setting duration times graphically and directly on the BIM Model objects.

Define the GANTT diagram starting from WBS definitions (Work Breakdown Structure), and break down the project into elementary periods, tasks, and subtasks and connect them to the construction project objects with a simple Drag & Drop.

An easy to use graphical editor where both the 3D BIM model and the GANTT diagram coexist allowing you to select objects from 3D view and link them to the timeline sequences; now you can finally work faster and easier!

Simulate project evolution following the GANTT timeline through all construction phases.

Print the GANTT diagram or export it in Word, HTML, or PDF file formats.

check out various overlays and scenarios of 4D BIM model - Edificius - ACCA software

Check critical overlaps and compare different scenarios

Check interferences or work section overlays and avoid delays in supplies and project delivery, project variations during construction, work interruptions, and enhance material optimization on-site.

With Edificius you can plan and manage all works in a professional 4D BIM workflow for which execution times are constantly under control from a design point of view ensuring the proper consequential timing of works.

Project managers can define a WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) for their project and simulate execution times by establishing the logical relationships between activities to analyse and coordinate different scenarios and critical paths more efficiently with obvious benefits in terms of delivery and quality, safety risks, management of costs and task coordination.

communication between various actors for 4D modelling - Edificius - ACCA software

Improve communication with the various professionals involved in the project

In addition to being a powerful simulation tool, 4D BIM modelling is also an excellent support for communicating how the construction execution phases are progressing to your team.

With Edificius, thanks to a seamless integration with ACCA’s collaborative CDE platform usBIM.platform and "time factor" analysis tools, Project managers have a variety of tools to develop a project schedule, such as to:

  • view the project’s activity planning and control intermediate goals
  • discover and assess concurrent activities and safety-related tasks
  • evaluate the impact of different activity planning solutions
  • get reliable projections in relation to the completion of works

achieve obvious benefits in terms of reducing management costs, increase safety aspects and improve communication between project managers.

real-time presentations of 4d model - Edificius - ACCA software

…and with clients through impressive presentations of project development in Real-Time Rendering

With Edificius, thanks to its Real-Time Rendering technology, you can present your project in all its execution phases in a clear and convincing manner to demonstrate the positive aspects of a given time-based task organisation model and represent it with the greatest possible realism.

The Real-Time Rendering environment allows you to check the validity of your choices in real-time and also obtain HD images and videos in a very short time.

Get project presentation videos in high definition in a matter of minutes with BIM Video Studio. Each video track, created in the video editing environment is dynamically linked to the BIM model and any changes made to the model, are automatically shown in the deriving video production.



Terrain and land modeling, together with outdoor spaces and gardens design aspects, are specific Edificius functions available:

  • in a dedicated environment integrated in the software
  • in the specific software Edificius LAND (available separately).

The modeling of MEP systems (mechanical, electronic and hydraulic) are specific Edificius functions available in a dedicated environment integrated in the software.

You can integrate Edificius with a wide range of ACCA software solutions (see the full comparison table for details).

You have dynamic integration features with Sketchup® and Blender® for modeling free-form solids.

Also use the full power of a native 2D and 3D DWG CAD software, Edificius CAD, included for free in Edificius.

Import and export the architectural BIM model in the IFC format. Get topographic and land survey data directly from Google Maps™ satellite imagery.

Yes, AIrBIM rendering technology with Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already integrated in Edificius and Edificius LAND.

Yes, the RTBIM Real-Time Rendering (RT) technology - which includes the BIM Video Studio environment - can be integrated in Edificius and Edificius LAND with the optional RTBIM module.

Yes, the VRiBIM immersive Virtual Reality (VR) technology can be integrated in Edificius and Edificius LAND with the optional VRiBIM module.

YES. With Edificius you can collaborate in the BIM process in complete safety because it has obtained certification by buildingSMART.

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is increasingly a reality that involves collaboration, interoperability and coordination between the various stakeholders of the construction industry. With Edificius you can collaborate securely with all the best Authoring and BIM Tools certified by Building Smart International.

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