Comparision table

EdiLus solution is composed of modules and can be purchased via subscription plans to one or more modules. All users can then choose the most suitable plan configuration in relation to specific working needs.

If you are calculating and verifying buildings with only one type of structural element, in this case, you may subscribe to a single module only. If you need to address mixed structures calculations, or want to calculate buildings with combinations of structural members, (reinforced concrete, steel and masonry) you can subscribe to multiple modules with the advantage of still having a single software which covers all types of structures.

The comparative table, proposed below, shows the type and number of structural elements available in each separate EdiLus module.

Reinforced concrete elements
Collumns, Slanted columns, Shear walls 50 elements 10 elements
Beam, Deep beams 80 elements 10 elements
Walls 280 m² (*) 2 elements
Slabs 280 m² (*) 2 elements
Slab (calculation section)
Reinforced concrete elements (foundation)
Winkler beam
Plinth, Plinth on poles, Plinths in glass
Walls 280 m² (*)
Steel elements
Steel columns
Steel beams
Steel trusses
Masonry elements
Masonry pillar
Reinforced masonry
Masonry Reinforcement interventions
Ties, pre-tensioned cables
Masonry foundation
Elements in wood and laminated wood
Timber columns/laminated wood
Timber beams/laminated wood
Timber trusses/laminated wood
Technical regulation
Eurocodes CEN-EN Eurocode (EC)
Eurocodes UNE-EN Eurocódigo (EC)
Eurocodes NF EN Eurocodes (EC)
Eurocodes BS EN Eurocode (EC)
Eurocodes NP EN Eurocódigo (EC)
EurocodiciSS EN Eurocode (EC)
ABNT - Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas ABNT Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas (NBR) **
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(*) A total of up to 280 m 2 can be inserted between slabs, slabs and walls.
(**) With the "ABNT Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas (NBR)" it is possible to design only NEW reinforced concrete buildings.