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Structural Analysis Software

Structural Analysis Software

A SMART structural calculations software?
Yes, even a professional solution for structural engineering calculations can be simple and convenient...

EdiLus is the SMART structural analysis software for your design needs with regard to reinforced concrete, masonry, steel and timber structures.

  • A BIM objects structured interface to define your model and quickly generate the structural model’s FEM analysis and calculation, construction drawings and calculation reports.
  • A modular structural analysis software solution that addresses structural calculations of buildings with its own integrated FEM solver to give a unitary experience to the phases of input, calculation, analysis of results and creation of detailed working drawings and documentation.
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Structural analysis software
EdiLus is a modular solution and can be purchased via a subscription to one or more modules. Each customer will be able, therefore, to choose the the most suitable configuration in relation to specific strutural engineering needs. For further info, consult the comparison table.

EdiLus solution is composed of modules and can be purchased via subscription plans to one or more modules. All users can then choose the most suitable plan configuration in relation to specific working needs.

If you are calculating and verifying buildings with only one type of structural element, in this case, you may subscribe to a single module only. If you need to address mixed structures calculations, or want to calculate buildings with combinations of structural members, (reinforced concrete, steel and masonry) you can subscribe to multiple modules with the advantage of still having a single software which covers all types of structures.

The comparative table, proposed below, shows the type and number of structural elements available in each separate EdiLus module.

STRUCTURAL MEMBERS EdiLus Concrete EdiLus Masonry EdiLus Steel
Columns/Shear walls no limit 10 50
Beams/Deep Beams no limit 10 80
Beams (Winkler) no limit no limit no limit
Walls no limit 2 total total of 280 m²(*)
Slabs no limit 2
Foundation slabs no limit no limit no limit
Floor slab calculation sections no limit 6 no limit
Stairs no limit no limit no limit
Piles no limit X no limit
Plinths on poles no limit X no limit
Foundation sockets no limit X no limit
Steel Columns and Beams X X no limit
Masonry elements X no limit X
Timber elements no limit no limit X

(*) You can input a total of 280m² of floor slabs and walls (foundation slabs are unlimited)

Easier and more reliable input thanks to BIM objects

Edilus is a structural calculation software with BIM technology. Model input is accomplished using 3D objects that represent the structural members such as beams, columns, walls, slabs…

A simple drawing of the structure is sufficient to provide the necessary data input for the FEM solver with nodes, loads, constraints… this makes everything really SMART.

Easier and more reliable input thanks to BIM objects

Faster input with 3D members based on Magnetic Grids

The BIM input allows you to instantly define the strength characteristics of the objects and their spatial location. Special magnetic grids make spatial input for objects very rapid and precise. Building up even the most complex of structures will seem as simple as playing a game.

Faster input with 3D members based on Magnetic Grids

A single structural analysis software with an integrated FEM solver

EdiLus can offer a unique working experience by means of the integration of all structural analysis stages in a single software.

Having an integrated finite element solver, avoids having to separate the structural elements input, calculation and results analysis phases.

The designer has the great advantage of being able to adopt and check various technical solutions and consistently achieve the best result.

The FEM solver solves the most varied geometric structures and sizes with limit state checks.

integrated FEM solver

The results are visible

EdiLus can even represent the calculation results directly on the BIM objects of the structural members.

On each object you can view tensions and strains and immediately get a quantitative/qualitative analysis of the entire facility as a whole.

Calculation results
Technical Reports

Technical Reports and automatic Drawing Models

After completing the BIM model input, the calculation performed by the solver integrated into the software together with a detailed analysis and implementation of the relating changes, you can quickly move on to printing.

The technical calculation reports and drawing models with all construction details of each element of the structure are automatic.

The structural engineer can take care of each element with specific program tools, so that any changes can be automatically integrated into the model.

Integrated cost estimating

The structural model, after being correctly calculated and sized, is also represented in terms of its cost.

By simply assigning appropriate tariff items with their unit rates to get a precise total cost of the planned structure.

Integrated cost estimating
Bill of quantities data

A structural analysis software integrated with architectural design

By integrating EdiLus in Edificius, you can also make Architecture and Structural design aspects interact, with advanced clash detection planning and the calculating of all structural members.

Checks and technical reports

In addition to stress calculations through the integrated FEM solver, EdiLus even covers structural elements section verifications and sizing according to the technical guidelines and EUROCODE regulatory specifications.

Easily choose the national annex and the project’s response spectrum referred to the country in which you are performing the structure’s calculation to get specific results for each country.

Checks and technical reports
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