Steel Structural Design Software

Steel Design Software

Steel design software

The SMART steel design software for structural calculations

EdiLus-Steel is the steel design software for the structural calculation of steel structures with a BIM input, much easier and more effective.

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Steel design software
Steel design software

The professional SMART Steel design software

The software lets you design and verify entire steel structures, calculate the individual elements composed of other materials (when integrated with EdiLus-Concrete or EdiLus-Masonry).

With EdiLus-Steel you really have the SMART solution you were looking for: an advanced BIM modelling technology, an integrated solver, calculation of the entire structure and structural details, 3D simplified input, diagrams, graphical representations and automatic technical reports…

A steel design software that lets you draw-up very complex structures, check every detail and produce working drawings, calculations and checks, all in a single design phase.

The first BIM for the structural calculations of steel buildings

The simple design of the structure is sufficient to create the input nodes, loads, constraints… The analytical model, ready for the integrated FEM solver, is obtained automatically.

The BIM model is drawn through parametric objects (columns, beams, trusses, purlins, bracings, etc.) with their own geometrical and structural characteristics (materials, resistance, etc.)

BIM for the structural calculations of steel buildings
modelling of complex spatial structures

Simple and fast modelling of complex spatial structures

Structural design with EdiLus-Steel is supported by “Magnetic Grids” that allow you to model a lattice of magnetic points in space of any shape and size.

Each of these magnetic points simplifies insertion of structural members such as beams and columns directly in 3D.
A 3D input that makes modelling extremely fast and accurate.

Work in 3D to get the most from BIM input

With specific features, beams and columns can be inserted, moved and modified directly in the 3D view.

To further simplify element insertion, the architectural plan, in DXF/DWG is shown directly in the 3D view and at the base of the magnetic grid.

Work in 3D
FEM solver

A steel design software with its own FEM solver

The integrated FEM solver provides a unified experience in structural design. In a single software you can go through input, calculation and analysis, introduce changes and launch printouts (diagrams, schedules and reports) in a simple and integrated manner.

Graphical analysis of resistance, instability and deformability and capacity design verifications

Each object can be viewed in terms of stresses, strain, and displacements. The calculation results can be viewed directly in 3D view, using color mapping covering bother members and connections.

Graphical analysis
Integrated construction estimating

A steel design software with integrated construction estimating

All structural elements and nodes with their construction details are automatically accounted for in a dynamic construction estimating software.

Integration with Edificius

Architecture and steel structures are now finally integrated… Thanks to the interaction between Edificius and EdiLus you can design and calculate with great awareness in a unified software environment.

Integration with Edificius

Functions and resources

A software that goes well beyond steel structure design

EdiLus is a modular solution (composed of EdiLus-Concrete, EdiLus-Masonry, EdiLus-Steel) and can be purchased via a subscription to one or more modules. This means that each client can choose the most appropriate configuration that best addresses their professional needs. As an example, structural engineers that deal mainly with steel structure design, can subscribe to EdiLus-Steel only. For those that need to calculate mixed structures (reinforced concrete + steel or reinforced concrete + masonry), or want to calculate buildings with different structural member types, (steel and masonry) can choose to subscribe to multiple modules (EdiLus-Steel and EdiLus-Masonry) with the advantage of still having a single solution, which covers all structural design and calculation aspects while maintaining a single program interface.

Simplified input with three-dimensional grids

In EdiLus-ST, the modeling of steel structures is based on three-dimensional grids (Magnetic Grids).
The software proposes Magnetic Grids of different shapes (standard, pyramidal, conical, cylindrical, spherical, helical, trellis) which can be modified and composed in order to obtain three-dimensional models of any type.

Graphical input with parametric objects (BIM)

All structural elements (columns, beams, trusses, purlins, braces, etc.) are parametric objects with their own characteristics and specific properties. Advanced automatic member recognition features, active in the magnetic grid space, make structural modeling extremely fast, flexible and precise.

Automated input of structures and reticular trusses

The Magnetic Grid greatly simplify the modeling of three-dimensional reticular structures. Flat lattice beams can be inserted using the TRUSS parametric object, choosing from a range of models (Vierendeel, Pratt-Mohniè, Howe, Polonceau, Neville, English, Warren, etc.).

Graphical design of connections

Designing connections (beam/column, column/foundation, beam/beam, truss nodes, splice plates, etc.), is an integrated editing feature integrated within EdiLus where the connection design process is made extremely easy and straight forward.
Just select, for example, a column and a beam, and view the different types of available connections (flange, bracket or custom) to choose from.
You can also define and customize the features of the selected connection type (geometry and plate materials; positioning, diameter and bolt material, thicknesses and weld material; even define plate stiffeners, etc.).
In addition to a 2D view of the connection’s construction details, the software also provides a highly detailed 3D view too.
Connection management also regards braces and trusses.

Copy/paste for fast connections input

Connections can easily be duplicated to selected nodes with the same configuration by simply using the copy and paste functions.
Instability and resistance checks of individual members
Individual structural elements can be verified with instability, resistance and capacity design checks.

Instability and resistance checks of individual members

Individual structural elements can be verified with instability, resistance and capacity design checks.

Connection verifications

With reference to defined connections, the program also deals with:
  • the verifications of bearing stress, plates punching resistance and stiffening elements;
  • bolt shear and tensile checks;
  • shear and tensile/compression verifications of welds;
  • contact point verifications for connections with Reinforced concrete elements or other materials;
  • Pull-out checks on anchor bolts.
Once the calculation is completed, you can “edit” and then change the characteristics of the connection and immediately launch a re-verification.

Calculation of structural elements in reinforced concrete integrated in the steel structure

In a steel prevailing structure type you can integrate reinforced concrete elements to model and take into account the actions on the sub-structure and foundation elements or other attached steel artefacts. You can also add a limited number of columns/shear walls, beams, walls, slabs, foundation slabs, floors and stairs to the structure too. The maximum number of elements that can be added can be consulted in the program features comparison table of the three EdiLus solutions: EdiLus-Concrete, EdiLus-Masonry and EdiLus-Steel.

Working drawings

From the simple modelling of the structure, EdiLus-Steel provides:
  • the geometric model of the structure and its trusses;
  • indication and cutting lengths of the used profile types;
  • positioning and identification of connections;
  • construction detailing of connections.
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