Smart Support

The technical service that allows you to share your desktop remotely with an ACCA technical support operator

The ACCA Smart Support service allows operators to provide professional technical support directly to your PC.
With an internet connection and a web browser, in fact, Smart Support establishes a secure connection between your PC and an ACCA operator by enabling a remote desktop sharing session with file transfer features.



Smart Support is based on the TeamViewer(c), provided by the German TeamViewer GmbH company and currently used by millions of users.


Remote desktop sharing with Smart Support:
  • it’s simple, fast and reliable
  • providing technical support becomes much more effective and timely
  • it greatly reduces session time and the number of telephone calls for the same support case
  • it increases the possibility to solve a given problem during the first remote session

Safety requirements

Remote desktop connections to the client’s PC is extremely safe because:
  • the connection is accomplished only after acquiring the user’s authorization, at any time and without notice, the PC owner may decide to terminate the support session
  • all operations carried out by the technical support operator are visible to the PC owner
  • all TeamViewer connections are encrypted and protected against unauthorised third party access attempts

For more information on connection, security and confidentiality:

How does it work

To use Smart Support:
  • you first need to download the free software
  • start it whenever you want to use the service
  • specify your name
  • wait for the connection to be established
  • allow sharing within the time specified

Smart Support requires a browser and an internet connection to function properly.

In order to monitor the quality of service, connection sessions may be recorded.