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usBIM is the first visual system for BIM management with model creation and management in open formats

BIM management
usBIM allows you to consult and manage the BIM model in a cloud based system, navigate through the CDE (Common Data Environment) contents visually and interact online directly with model related objects, data and documents.
Differently from other solutions that face only certain aspects of BIM management – often based on proprietary file formats and tools that are in contrast with the principles of BIM – usBIM allows users to build and manage the entire BIM model with open formats (IFC, PDF, XML, etc) and directly online with a cloud based solution. usBIM users have the advantage of operating with their database anywhere, anytime and from any device without having to use any proprietary software.
usBIM supports the integration of open digital platforms, plug-ins and software (BIM authoring/BIM tools) able to create and manage digital BIM models during the building’s entire life-cycle, from planning to implementation through to maintenance or dismantling .
usBIM is based on the possibility that each integrated system component is able to exchange models, data and documents in an open format accessible via the web. The open freeMDD (free Models, Documents and Data) collaborative protocol, of the integrated usBIM system, allows users to obtain the building’s BIM model, with its digital data set and information all viewable in open data formats with easy online consultation and management.
usBIM Platforms


The first BIM Collaboration Platform created to optimize all the activities of the construction supply chain, starting from the design phase, through to construction and facility management.

usBIM.platform helps professionals of the architecture, engineering and construction sectors (AEC) to create and correctly manage BIM models for each discipline (architectural design, plant design, energy performance, structural analysis, work site management and maintenance) in a single data sharing environment (CDE, Common Data Environment).


BIM management software - usBIM

The collaborative usBIM.platform is an open platform, because it is based on buildingSMART’s IFC standard. buildingSMART certification guarantees that file creation is fully consistent with its data structure together with management and data sharing of documents and models between all professional roles regardless of which BIM authoring software, BIM tools and the BIM collaboration plug-in is used.


PriMus-PLATFORM is the first Project Management digital platform.

PriMus-PLATFORM is a multi-device collaborative platform (it works on PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet) to share and exchange documents in open formats such as XML, PDF, JPG, etc. and able to guarantee full authenticity, security and source of the data entered by the competent subjects (contracting authority, construction manager, construction site assistants, etc).

Project Management digital platform

PriMus-PLATFORM interacts with usBIM.platform to align the project’s BIM model with other models, data and documents, even during the execution phase of works and without the need of a specific BIM authoring software.

usBIM plugin

The integrated usBIM system, and therefore the usBIM.platform, can integrate with any IFC software certified by Building Smart (BIM authoring, BIM tools or BIM collaboration plug-in).

Building Smart certification, is an assurance for open collaboration in the creation and management of BIM models saved or exported in the IFC format.

ACCA provides a series of Building Smart IFC-certified plug-ins (and other applications currently in the process of certification) that allow you to perform the fundamental tasks for generating and managing a digital BIM model the correct way.


usBIM.viewer+ is an essential plug-in that simplifies communication between the different teams collaborating on the platform in the definition of the BIM model. It is an essential condition to view the models created by other professionals collaborating during the model definition phase.

With usBIM.viewer+ you can view IFC files of 3D virtual models from any BIM software such as Edificius®, Revit®, ArchiCAD®, Allplan®, Tekla®, VectorWorks® and many others … without the need of a BIM software!
You can load multiple IFC files in a single view, to simultaneously view all the design aspects in an integrated way: architectural, structural, plant design, etc.

usBIM viewer

usBIM.viewer+ opens, converts and exports AutoCAD® (.dwg) 3D model files, SketchUp® (.skp), 3D Studio Max® (.3ds), and many others, in the IFC2x3 file format… without the need for a specific BIM software!

With usBIM.viewer+ IFC properties are written directly within your 3D models and objects to enrich existing information with additional technical, commercial, structural, system installation, cost estimate and many other data types… without the need of a specific BIM Software!


usBIM.clash is a BIM Model Clash Detection plug-in that can be integrated with the usBIM.platform and with other.
ACCA software BIM authoring software and tools.The software allows you to verify interferences and manage conflicts between federated IFC BIM models of the different design aspects.


usBIM.code is the BIM Model Code Checking plug-in that can be integrated with the usBIM.platform and with other ACCA BIM authoring software and tools.
The software allows control and validation of the BIM model in the IFC format with regard to standards and procedures outlining the scope of the project requirements.


The plug-in can be integrated with the usBIM.platform for project management and scheduling and 4D time simulation of the whole construction process.
The software allows project managers to assign a time-line related property to each component of the BIM model in IFC format in order to see the entire construction process.


usBIM browser is the first on-line browser specialized in the navigation and management of a digital and document based model of a building. A tool capable of viewing and managing the Building Information Model in the IFC format anytime and anywhere, whether the model represents a new-build project or a pre-existing building.

usBIM Browser

BIM tools

ACCA software provides a series of IFC certified software (others are currently in the process of being certified) by Building Smart for specific aspects of design and construction execution.

ACCA’s BIM authoring and BIM tools allow you to create, modify or implement the BIM model and show the digital model with its relating information on the platform through appropriate data sets and documents. The generated information is exported and published on the platform in open formats and connected to the IFC digital model so as to be easily identified and managed in visual form.

The digital model maintains all references to software and calculation results that produce specific properties of the various objects so that the platform is a unique and traceable reference that can be consulted by anyone and anywhere, even without the use of proprietary software.
In conclusion, thanks to the freeMDD principle of the integrated usBIM system, the digital model’s main data is reproduced in open formats and linked to the IFC model, so that the information can be easily addressed and navigated through in a digital form. This allows the digital model of the building to be the actual sum of models and data produced by the analysis of each aspect involved in the project’s design and execution stages.

The following ACCA software solutions are already available as BIM versions and therefore useful for defining BIM models through data and IFC model exchange protocols. These products are IFC-certified by Building Smart or currently under certification:

BIM software for architectural design

Landscape Design Software

Edificius MEP
BIM software for MEP installation systems (mechanical, electrical and plumbing)

coming soon

Structural Analysis Software

Construction site health and safety

coming soon

BIM modeller for dynamic energy simulation

coming soon

Construction estimating software

Scaffold design Software

coming soon

Facility management plan software

coming soon

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buildingSMART IFC Certification

ACCA has the widest range of BIM software solutions with IFC certification by buildingSMART.

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