EdiLus is a modular solution and can be purchased via a subscription plan of one or more modules. The free trial version allows you to work with the complete solution composed of all three modules: reinforced concrete, steel and masonry. When subscribing, you can choose the configuration that best suits your needs.

The EdiLus comparison table below, shows the type and number of structural elements available in each separate EdiLus module.


Columns/Shear walls no limit 10 50
Beams/Deep Beams no limit 10 80
Beams (Winkler) no limit no limit no limit
Walls no limit 2 total total of

280 m²

Slabs no limit 2
Foundation slabs no limit no limit no limit
Floor slab calculation sections no limit 6 no limit
Stairs no limit no limit no limit
Piles no limit X no limit
Plinths on poles no limit X no limit
Foundation sockets no limit X no limit
Steel Columns and Beams X X no limit
Masonry elements X no limit X
Timber elements no limit no limit X


You can input a total of 280m² of floor slabs and walls (foundation slabs are unlimited)