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The great advantages of ACCA's professional Free UPP software for Architectural BIM design, Estimates, Quantity Take off and Bills of Quantities.

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Download the Full version of the software and compare the professionalism of ACCA products to Revit, Archicad, Allplan, AutoCAD and Vectorworks.

Free UPP: A less expensive software must also be easier to use.

ACCA revolutionizes the world of professional software solutions for architecture, engineering and the building industry with the new Free UPP system.
A new product and distribution concept that changes everything that professionals know about technical software solutions.
Free UPP comes from the awareness that a less expensive software must be necessarily easier to use and to learn... Developed with a more accurate design and the most advanced technologies to give immediate satisfaction to a wider range of customers.
The opposite to what is currently available in the professional software industry where licensing costs, maintenance subscription fees and training costs are extremely expensive and the software very difficult to use.
Free UPP doesn't simply mean convenient software, but also more professional and easier to use software!