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PriMus is the SMART software for quantity surveyor, cost estimating and BoQ needs.

  • standard format Price Lists
  • cost estimates and BoQs open on screen simultaneously allowing you to work just as you would on your office desk in a simple and efficient way
  • use simple drag and drop actions to quickly copy items between documents
  • automatic document printouts with highly professional layouts

Find out why tens of thousands of customers have already chosen PriMus!

Why choose PriMus as your cost estimating and Bill of quantities software?

The construction cost estimating and bill of quantities software solution used by tens of thousands of customers

A software solution that, with its number of worldwide users, its advanced technology, professionalism and simplicity in use, really is a true leader in this sector.

WYSIWYG user interface (What You See Is What You Get): easier to work with, easier to learn

Work on your PC just as you normally would from your office desk: the quantity surevey and price list layouts are integrated into the program interface to give you a unique working experience; the same you are already used to when working on paper. Open multiple documents all at once price lists or price books, organising them on screen and as you would on your office desk. Work intuitively with drag & drop actions that allow you to efficiently copy all types of quantity surveying data from one document to another drastically reducing the amount of time necessary to learn how to use the software.

Discover the PriMus Interface - Construction estimating

Integrated Price Lists and Cost Estimates to reduce the risk of error

The price list, cost estimating, bill of quantities and bid request that refer to a single job are all integrated withing a single file. At the slightlest change, even in a description, a unit rate or a quantity, all the relating documents are updated automatically.

Drawing – BoQ connections

Acquire measurement data dynamically from a CAD drawing created with AutoCAD

Integration with Edificius

Get a detailed BoQ directly and automatically from the BIM model.

Import and export in standard formats

Import data in the Excel and Word file formats, add text using spelling and grammar support tools, insert images, customize your documents and printouts with great flexibility and according to your needs.


The cost estimate and other PriMus documents

PriMus produces and manages a multitude of document types:
• price lists with unit rates;
• construction cost estimates;
• job estimates;
• requests for proposals (RFP);
• comparison charts;
• project documents and templates;
• labor incidence estimates;
• health and safety incidence estimates;
• technical specifications.

Work sections as categories in the cost estimate or Bill of quantities

PriMus allows the quantity surveyor to easily organise a bill of quantities or cost estimate into different work sections to group homogeneous categories of work in an organic manner. Each BoQ can be subdivided into three levels of grouping allowing to achieve a detailed breakdown of all work items. This kind of subdivision produces an mmediate picture in terms of costs for each work section (for example, structures, finishes, all furniture, etc.).
Using different levels of subdivision allows the surveyor to instantly view cost details for super-groupings or sub-groupings; for example, for the “structure category” the program can provide filtered measurement and cost data relating to the sub-structures (foundations) and the costs relating to the building’s super-structure. Categories can also be useful during data input, because with PriMus you work by selecting a category at a time, but can also turn out to be useful when printing to get very detailed quantity surveying documents.


Chapters in the Price List

The Price List can be organised into chapters, each of which can enclose, for example, homogeneous tariff items to an individual work type. Price Lists also have three levels of chapter subdivision that can give huge advantages both during the preparation phases of the document and during printing. The Quantity surveyor is free to use the Price List chapter organisation or the BoQ categories sorting so as to organize all works according to specific needs and expectations.

Print Manager

PriMus has a real “Print Manager” that allows you to produce and customize all documents relating to a project.
You can print in RTF, WORD, PDF, HTML, ASCII and CSV.


WYSIWYG interface and object technology

Thanks to the WYSIWYG interface (What You See Is What You Get), PriMus allows the user to work on the screen just as if he/she were working on a paper document making data entry and general program much easier and intuitive to use.
The screen becomes a true virtual office desk where the user can open price lists, estimates, BoQs and many other quantity surveyor document types, to view, insert, edit or copy data from one documenmt to another with simple Drag and Drop actions. Estimates and BoQs, together with Price Lists are just different data views of a single small-sized file; at every change, all views are immediately updated and aligned.
PriMus is in fact the first object oriented Bill of Quantities and estimating software: the data input phase is no longer a seperate process from the final document display, because each document type can be used to add or modify measurement data.
The project’s general data, its structure (chapters, categories, etc.), the relating forms, documents and print revisions, are all stored in a single file. The user can view, consult and edit anything and at any time.


Compatibility and sharing

A bill of quantities or cost estimate document, created with PriMus, can be saved in the standard XML, XPWE and PWE file formats; the produced data is open to everyone and exchangeable with anyone and with any other software procedure.
The PriMus features can be integrated with other external applications and with other ACCA software solutions too such as Edificius and EdiLus.
PriMus also supports document view export and import to Word and Excel file formats (2007/2010).


Manage Price lists in bill of quantities or cost estimate documents with simple Drag and Drop

With PriMus, you can open price lists directly from the internet and use the tariff data directly with classic Drag and Drop actions.
The embedded PW-CONV technology also allows the user to convert other price list formats to the PWE, XPWE and DCF file formats that are compatible with ACCA software range of solutions.


Acquire metric data from CAD drawings

When editing and inserting measurements, PriMus allows the quantity surveyor, by means of the PriMus for CAD module, to automatically acquire metric data from drawing entities thanks to a dynamic interaction between the project cost estimate and the CAD drawings prepared with AutoCAD LT and AutoCAD; you can seamlessly transfer graphical entity dimensions, or CAD “block” attributes, directly from the drawing to the Bill of quantities, keeping a dynamic interaction between the CAD drawing, PriMus and its various document types active.


Other functions and resources

Functions related to the calculation and price list: Prices Analysis, Building site material requirements, Technical installations

With PriMus you can prepare and build up new rates using the dedicated Rate Analysis editor and view, in addition to the elementary tariff items, your own rate analyzed items within the Price List editor. Each individual cost item composes the total rate are elementary items, free item descriptions, data from price lists or even other rate build ups deriving from other projects. Particular rate analysis studies can be defined for special items relating to plant facilities by means of material details and installation time schedules. PriMus also allows the quantity surveyor to address material requirements identifying human resources, materials, machines, etc. necessary for project realization.

Health and safety cost management

PriMus manages both the work type aspects and the Health and safety costs. The surveyor has the can take into acount all site preparation and safety measures for the application of a detailed health and safety plan.

Request For Proposal management

PriMus allows you to create an RFP from the Bill of Quantities. The resulting file can be sent to all participants so that they can work on the document, complete the offer and, at the same time, preserve the initial tender data. Tenders can be grouped up, managed and also be automatically compared via the Internet.

Smart Price Books

Smart Price Books is the intelligent search service for fast and direct access to the online price lists-net resources available online.


Price List tariff alignment

PriMus allows you to actualize the Price List items and rates, used in a Bill of Quantities or Cost Estimate, to the latest official revision.

Advanced document management: to co-operate or keep document revisions under control

With compMERGE feature you can integrate the different versions of a revised document in time; with compDIFFERENCE, differences or changes made to the document during its creation are easily detected, even by several operators.

Integration with Edificius

Each object that appears in the architectural project created with the Edificius BIM software is integrated with measurement rows and Price List items; this means that the drawing automatically produces a dynamic bill of quantities in PriMus format.

Dynamic update of the Financial Table

With PriMus the Financial Table is automatically updated asthe BoQ evolves or changes; as the total project cost changes all relating items in the Financial Table will be dynamically updated.

Document customization

PriMus allows the technician to manage and customize font and text settings directly in the worksheet (Price List and Measurements Editor). All text can be customized with Bold, Italics, Underlined, different text colors and alignments.
Text customizations can of course be printed. The “Find and Replace” feature is also active throughout the entire working environments and editors.

Saving, Backup and automatic document recovery

PriMus has advanced features for Saving, Automated Backups and Document Recovery In addition, with the Restore function, you can automatically restore documents in case of accidental closing of the program.

Importing PDF forms in PriMus

PriMus supports PDF document import too (Requests For Proposals, Bills of Quantities, Estimates and Price Lists) printed with PriMus and automatic processing of a PDF into a PriMus file for data management.

UNDO Feature

The “Undo” function allows the quantity Surveyor to cancel the most recent changes by restoring the previous situation.

Print History – document revisions

With this important feature, the user can store several document versions during drafting. This provides the capability to compare the current situation with various revisions and, if necessary, restore the initial version or a part of it.

Post_it feature

This function is used to associate notes to teh Price List, and Measurement row editors; all data is then saved when the document is closed.


With BookMark tool you can mark a specific area in your document so as to make it easily accessible from any other document type. PriMus allows you to place these references within the document editor; during the drafting of the document, it turns out to be easier to jump from a specific Measurement row to another and then back to the starting point again.

Looking for a SMART software for your Bill of Quantities and Cost Estimating needs?