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Software solutions for engineers, architects and the construction industry

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SMART for ACCA means creating software and services that are easier to use, faster to learn, more innovative and above all more convenient. The modular solution chosen by companies, public authorities and professionals. You can pay a subscription even on a monthly basis and save a significant amount of money in comparison to other solutions. Compare the cost of ACCA software solutions with that of its main competitors.

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Easier to use, faster to learn software


ACCA software solutions are different to the old architecture, engineering and building industry software: they are born with cutting-edge technology in order to be simple and intuitive. No need for long and tiring training periods, continuously supported by Video Tutorials, Forums and on line technical support.


Building Industry software specialists, that’s why we know this sector well


ACCA develops software specifically for the Building Industry professional. BIM software for architecture, structural engineering and calculation software, construction cost estimates and BoQ software, MEP engineering software, Energy Performance certification and health and safety software to mention a few. ACCA software is continuously focused on developing programs for the building industry, and this why we create effective solutions to respond to the needs of all stakeholders in the sector (architects, engineers, surveyors, construction and installation businesses, Public Administrations and companies).

Working with Edificius

More innovative software

ACCA has created the first BIM software integrated with Real Time rendering allowing you to interact and see what you’re designing in real time.

Working with Edificius

Conquer your customers

The first BIM that generates immersive 3D virtual reality video (360° panorama video) for architecture, a highly advanced BIM Design environment that integrates architectural design, structural analysis and cost estimating.

BIM software technology brought to the building site

Always a step ahead

ACCA’s BIM software solution uses a unique and proprietary technology to offer you seamless integration with other software solutions as well as IFC 2×3 standard import/export to be open to everyone.

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Software for architects, engineers, surveyors and building or plant engineering companies that you can try for free now… It’ll be you to say that you have found the SMART software solution for architecture, engineering and building industries. Install the software for free and take advantage of a 30-day Free Trial period. When the trial period expires, decide when you want to activate the program and for how long… At really SMART costs!

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ACCA Educational software, the ACCA software solutions for schools, teachers and students

For teachers and their schools that use our software solutions, we simply cancel the costs. The Educational versions of our software can be used in school laboratories or for private use during study and exercise activities. Students can in fact use the full version with full functionality. Teachers simply need to send us their references and tell us about their teaching activities. To use a subscription plan allowing use of ACCA software solutions for free, teachers need to send us their institutional e-mail address (in France it’s Ministerial), with the school references, some details with regard to classes involved and school activities and planned school activities.
ACCA offers free access to software for students and teachers that allow you to prepare the future generation of students for their working life.

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