BIM Software for Architectural Design


BIM Architectural Design

The BIM software for the best architectural design: simple, innovative, convenient

Edificius is the BIM software for improved architectural design.

With Edificius:

  • you have a professional and simple software, easy to use and to learn
  • enhance your ideas with impressive presentations
  • optimize your project with timely analysis of task durations and costs
  • your work becomes more productive thanks to the integration with Real Time Rendering and other ACCA software solutions
  • collaborate in the BIM process with the certified IFC interoperability
Architectural BIM Software
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Virtual Reality

Edificius is now also available in the Edificius VR
configuration that integrates an Immersive Virtual Reality working environment.

Why Edificius?

Edificius is the simple and complete BIM technology, easy to use and learn.
Address the various architectural design aspects, present your projects with great visual impact, and remain continuously up to date with the latest technologies and solutions...

Architectural Design

Develop the project with a single software from concept to construction documentation

Deal with all the aspects of architectural design (architectural, interior, gardens and landscaping design and MEP) using a unique 3D input and an integrated library of objects. Quickly produce the complete set of design and construction documentation (area plans, floor plans, cross-sections, axonometric views, together with schedules and tables). More info

Integrated Design

Take full control of time and cost of your project and take advantage of the powerful ACCA software integration features

You have dedicated environments for project time management (4D) and cost calculation (5D). The Real Time Rendering integration allows you to check the results of your work in real time. Integrate architecture with structural calculations and cost estimating using the specific internal functions.More info

Architectural Visualization

Communicate project ideas to customers and investors more effectively

You have all the necessary tools for producing extraordinary presentations: renderings, real time renderings, virtual tours, video and animations together with scene photo-montages and photo editing. More info

IFC Interoperability

Work safely in the BIM process

Import and export in the IFC standard format to collaborate in the BIM process with the various other construction industry professionals with the assurance of a software certified by buildingSMART.More info

Edificius is also available in Chinese


3D architectural design A simple and complete 3D BIM for improved design...

5 different working environments to address all aspects of architectural design.
A unique 2D or 3D input and an integrated BIM Objects Library to create the BIM model and dynamically generate detailed floor plans, elevation views, cross-sections, axonometric and isometric cutaway views.

Architectural and Interior Design

Architecture and interior design

Edificius allows you to deal with the design of all types buildings with great simplicity and speed. You can complete and enrich the project with furniture and environment characterization that you can download for free directly from the Online BIM Objects Library. From simple object oriented modelling you automatically get all the relevant project drawings.

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Landscape Design

Garden and landscape design

Edificius is the simple and effective tool for integrating architecture and landscape design. Projects gardens, parks, landscape and outdoor spaces with easy-to-use tools for drawing walls, pools, fences, flowerbeds, courtyards and many other landscaping related objects. Get detailed floor plans, complete them with legends and customize them freely ready for export in the DXF, DWG and PDF formats.

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MEP Design

MEP systems modeling

Edificius allows you to model the building's technical installations while defining the architectural model, get an overview of the building-plant system, evaluate spatial coherence of the plant system networks in order to avoid that they interfere with room functionalities or aesthetics.

Available soon
Remodeling Design

Remodellings and renovation projects

Edificius offers a dedicated environment for addressing building remodellings and work variations. In a single environment, manage two BIM models (the surveyed stage and design stage) and automatically produce a comparative table and the relating cost estimate of the planned interventions.

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Terrain Modeling

Terrain modelling

Edificius offers a specific working environment for terrain modeling, ideal for construction, urban planning and landscape design work. Easily acquire DWG and DXF land survey files with typical contour line or contour plan data, from raster images or directly from Google Maps® satellite imagery; simulate earthwork operations by comparing the various solutions (design levels) and even get dynamically updated bill of quantities and volume data; integrate the model with landscaping details: trees, bushes, plants, roads, yards, furniture, etc.

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Working drawings, reports, schedules and import/export in standard formats

With Edificius compose your drawing models with great freedom using simple drag & drop operations that automatically generate architectural project reports, tables and schedules. Export the complete construction documents set in DXF/DWG/DWF file formats and technical reports in the RTF format.

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Free textures, CAD blocks and 3D models

The online BIM object library contains tens of thousands of free resources already optimized for Edificius (Texture HD, CAD Blocks, 3D Models, etc.) to help you design better and faster. You can download all the resources you need. Publish and share your items too.

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Integrated CAD

Edificius also includes Edificius-CAD, a professional 2D and 3D DWG CAD software, with interface, drawing modality and commands similar to the most popular professional CAD systems on the market. With Edificius-CAD integrated in Edificius you import DXF / DWG files and you can edit them directly in Edificius with lines, polylines, arcs, circles, blocks, screens, splines, 3D polylines, mesh, face, 3D face solids, helix, point cloud, revision cartoon.

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BIM integration with Sketchup®

Edificius provides a dynamic integration feature with Sketchup® to satisfy creativity needs even for the most demanding design tasks. Create 3D solid models of any type and shape for maximum freedom of expression.

Google Maps® Importer

With the Edificius Google Maps® Importer, terrain modeling becomes simple and immediate. Locate the area to be surveyed and with a simple click rebuild the terrain's digital elevation map directly from Google Maps® satellite imagery acquiring the area's precise altitude data.

BIM integration with BLENDER®

Edificius can also integrate the BIM model with BLENDER® too, one of the best solid modeling solutions. Enrich your Edificius project with additional objects modeled using BLENDER® and use its specific features that are comparable to other well-known 3D modeling programs such as 3D Studio Max® and Maya®.

All the advantages of integration You always have full control of your project, from every point of view...

Project timing, costs, other interdisciplinary aspects of the work (structural, energetic, installations). Only with Edificius you have an overall and integrated vision of the entire project

4D BIM / VDC Virtual Design and Construction

4D BIM (gantt): project time management

Edificius offers a "4D-GANTT" environment for integrated project time and sequencing management. By building up a WBS (Work Breakdown Structure), easily break down the project into elementary parts (periods) and connect them to the objects used in the 3D model. Get a complete simulated overview of project progression by enabling the Gantt chart's timeline.

5D BIM Cost Estimating

5D BIM: construction cost estimate directly from the model

With Edificius, construction estimating aspects are fully covered in the most dynamic and flexible way with our PriMus cost estimating solution that reads the metric data directly from the model. Each variation of the architectural model corresponds to a seamless variation in project material quantities and the relating project cost.

BIM and Integrated Design

Integration with other ACCA software solutions

Edificius supports full integration with our ACCA software solutions for structural calculations (EdiLus) and construction cost estimating (PriMus). Compose your suite of programs in the most appropriate combination according to your skills and your needs. Manage the various interdisciplinary aspects of the project and collaborate with other members of the ACCA community.

Architectural visualization Here's how to amaze, communicate, convince ...

A dedicated environment to prepare visually impressive presentations and communicate your project to clients and customers effectively and clearly.

BIM Video Studio

BIM video studio: a true video editing tool for your multimedia presentations.

Edificius is also an extraordinary video editing tool for creating large-scale multimedia presentations.

In the "BIM Video Studio" environment you can easily assemble texts, static and dynamic photos, floor plans, area plans, cross-sections, elevations, axonometric views and working drawings in a time-line, set cameras in the model, simulate atmospheric effects or solar lighting and record videos.

Videos are created are dynamically and are linked to the BIM model so that at every change in the model even the video tracks will update dynamically.

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Immersive virtual reality

Immersive virtual reality dynamically integrated with the BIM model

With the immersive virtual Reality work environment, Edificius (in the Edificius VR configuration) offers the first immersive virtual reality technology to navigate in BIM models and modify them in real time.

With Edificius the immersive virtual reality environment is integrated and dynamically connected to the BIM model: navigate in an immersive virtual reality directly from Edificius and modify the BIM model from from the immersive virtual reality environment or from the software.

Immersive virtual reality is only available in the Edificius VR configuration.

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Edificius and BIM voyager

BIM voyager: publish and share your 3D project on the web

With Edificius you can publish your 3D models online on BIM voyager and share them with whoever you want. The software saves the BIM file on the cloud and creates a link to share access to the 3D BIM model. Just an internet connection and a browser to view the project seamlessly your from PC, smartphone or tablet.

Connect to BIM voyager
Photorealistic renderings

Photorealistic renderings

Edificius gives you all the tools to better present your project. You can get automatic and visually appealing photorealistic renderings with advanced lighting control, transparent backgrounds, effects, etc.

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Scene photo-montage and photo editing

Scene Photo-montages and photo editing

Edificius has extremely advanced features for scene photo-montages and photo retouching.

Just upload a photo and the software allows you to reconstruct the perspective, identify the orthogonal planes, set the vanishing lines and position the 3D model in the photo by applying visibility, transparency and shadows to obtain an even more realistic effect.

The rendered image, obtained with the scene photo-montage tool, can then be fine-tuned with further photo editing operations.

Real Time Rendering

With Real Time Rendering, continue to design, simulate and present the project in real time

Edificius integrates Real Time Rendering and BIM to produce photorealistic renderings of architecture in real time, while continuing to use BIM. Thanks to Edificius you can:

  • design by checking the results of your architectural and material choices in real time.
  • get photorealistic static renderings in real time
  • create and publish 360° degree images on Facebook for immersive representations
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InteroperabilityDo you want to be fully compliant and take part in the BIM process?

A technology certified by buildingSMART to be able to collaborate in the BIM process in complete safety with the best BIM Authoring and Tools.

IFC Standard

Import/Export in IFC format for sharing on collaborative platforms

Edificius can import and export in the IFC standard format. The IFC is the "common" file format, an information model, which allows all team designers (architectural, structural, plant engineering, etc.) to exchange their BIM models, regardless of the software they use. The Edificius IFC 2x3 import and export feature compliant with Coordination View vers. 2.0, is fully certified by buildingSMART International.

More info regarding certification

Sharing the project on the usBIM collaborative platform

You can use usBIM to share the project with other IFC certified BIM software. usBIM is the first visual system for BIM management supporting creation and management of the BIM model in open formats implementing full integration of open digital platforms, plug-ins and software (BIM authoring/BIM tools) which able to create and manage the digital BIM model during the entire lifecycle of the building, from design to construction leading through to maintenance and disposal.

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Edificius is now also available in the Edificius VR configuration that integrates an Immersive Virtual Reality working environment Find out more


Yes, with Edificius you no longer need multiple software solutions for your architectural design work. With a single software you can cover architectural design, outdoor spaces, gardens and landscaping design, interior design, plant installations.

Edificius is distributed in two different configurations:

  • Edificius, the BIM software for architectural design
  • Edificius VR, the architectural BIM design software that integrates BIM model navigation and editing directly from an immersive Virtual Reality environment.

Summary comparative table:

  Edificius Edificius VR
Architectural design
Architecture and interior design
Garden and landscaping design (1)
MEP systems modeling (2)
BIM integration
4D BIM integration: project time management
5D BIM integration: metric calculation of the project
Integration with EdiLus for structural calculations
Integration with PriMus for advanced construction cost estimating features
Architectural Visualization
AIrBIM - Rendering with Artificial Intelligence (AI)
RTBIM - Real Time Rendering (RT)
BIM video studio
VRiBIM - Immersive Virtual Reality (VR) (3) (3)
BIM VOYAGER (online sharing and 3D model browser navigation)
Import/Export in IFC format
Project sharing with usBIM.platform (4)
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(1) Edificius features also available in the Edificius LAND specialistic software.

(2) Edificius features (available soon) also in the Edificius MEP specialistic software (coming soon).

(3) Immersive Virtual Reality is available only with the Edificius VR configuration.

(4) The BIM collaborative platform ( usBIM.platform ) will be available soon.

See the complete comparative table

You can integrate Edificius with other ACCA software solutions for structural calculations and cost estimates/BoQs.

You have dynamic integration with Sketchup and Blender for free-form solid modeling.

Use all the power of DWG native 2D and 3D CAD software, Edificius-CAD, included for free in Edificius.

Import and export the architectural BIM model in the IFC format. Get topographic and land survey data directly from Google Maps.

Yes, Real Time Rendering is integrated into Edificius.

No, the Immersive Virtual Reality feature is only available in the Edificius VR configuration.

Terrain modeling, outdoor spaces and gardens design are specific functions available in:

  • a dedicated environment integrated into the software
  • the Edificius-LAND specific software (available separately).

YES, with Edificius you can collaborate in the BIM process in complete security because it is a software certified by buildingSMART.

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is increasingly becoming a reality that implies collaboration, interoperability and coordination between the various role players of the construction industry. With Edificius, you can collaborate safely with all the best Authoring and BIM Tools certified by Building Smart International.

More information regarding certification