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Edificius is the Architectural BIM Design software that allows you to generate floor plans, elevation views, cross-sections, isometric and perspective views with a simple 2D or 3D input!

Each step of the BIM modelling phase corresponds to an automatic and dynamic variation of the relating construction documents deriving from the project! A SMART way to save time and avoid errors.

With the 3D Edificius Architectural Design software you can quickly and easily:

  • define the building’s BIM model with parametric architectural BIM objects specifically for 3D architectural design
  • automatically generate all construction documents (floor plans, elevation views, cross-sections, etc.)

Create the building’s BIM model

With the Edificius 3D Architectural Design software, quickly and easily create your building’s BIM model, working in both plan view (2D) or directly in the 3D modelling environment with parametric architectural objects.


The main parametrical objects used in the Edifcius 3D architectural design software

Here’s an overview of Edificius’ parametric objects and their extraordinary functionalities.

With “building envelope” objects, “curved building envelope” and “horizontal building envelope” you can draw load bearing walls, curtain walls, floors, walls and internal partitions of any type and form. Separate inner spaces from the exterior, delimiting rooms and compartments and automatically get volumes and surface data, both for urban planning parameter verifications and the for preparing the early stages of what will then become the project’s cost estimate.

With the “curtain wall” and “curved curtain wall” objects, easily shape curtain wall facades (including windows), etc.

The “Roof” object allows you to model all types of pitched roof slabs with easy to use, functional tools.With just a few clicks, get the desired result for any type of rooftop.


With the “Doors”, “Window” and “Hole” object you can add these specific entities of any type and form together with specific detailing such as reveals, sills, frames, etc. Each object can be customized with the addition of one or more fixtures for the modelling of shutters, blinds and gratings. These objects can be acquired directly from the Edificius architectural design software catalogue.

With the “room” object, define the interior spaces of the building designed by automatically getting all relevant surface, volume, ventilation and aero-lighting ratio data, etc.

The “ramp” object, together with the “Stairs” object allows you to dynamically link up the building’s floor levels. Define the object’s footprint in plan view using intelligent objects, such as ramps, curved ramps, fan-shaped or spiral stairs and landings of any type and form.

With the “railing” object you can quickly complete staircase and ramp modelling or insert railings for balconies or even fencing on ornamental walls, etc.

With the “Column”, “Beam”, “Steel Column”, “Steel beam”, “Custom Beam” and “Curved beam” objects, easily address the structural engineering aspects with members of any size, material and shape.

The “Beam Gridwork”, “steel trusses” and “timber trusses” are also useful parametrical BIM objects that help build-up complex structures.

Complete and add more detail to your project with other specific parametric objects, such as the “filling”, “curved Filling” and “Horizontal filling” object (useful for defining crawl spaces, drainage systems and backfills in general), the “surface lining” (for covering surfaces or parts of surfaces with different materials, such as bathroom tiles, etc.), the “Solid Extrusion” (for modelling gutters, wall caps, frames, skirting boards, etc.), the “sun shades (Brise Soleil)”, “Panels”, “Sun Awnings”, “Light wells”,”Downspouts”, etc.

With the “Point light” object, experience and study the effects of artificial lighting of indoor and outdoor spaces.
Other parametric BIM objects are the “device boxes”, “junction boxes” and “Electrical switch boards” that support the BIM modeling of the building’s electrical systems.

In addition, with Edificius for SketchUp®, you have full creative freedom. With SketchUp®, create 3D solid models of any type and form, and automatically import them into Edificius; with the “3D Model” object, you can enrich your project with 3D Models even if created with other solid modellers and in a wide range of file formats (.3ds, .skp, .obj, .lwo, etc.). Import them into your project (ie. furniture, toys, park benches, street lamps, fountains, etc.).


Visit the online BIM Objects Library
Building BIM model

Automatic project construction documents

The Edificius architectural design software allows you to automatically produce the following construction documents:
  • area plans
  • floor plans
  • cross-sections
  • elevation views
  • isometric views
  • perspective views
  • architectural reports
  • comparison tables
  • tables and schedules

Export all drawings in the DXF/DWG/DWF CAD file formats and all reports in the RTF format.

The “Room/compartment”, “building envelope”, “Doors” and “window” objects are also listed into summary tables with all relevant data referring to assigned architectural area, characteristics, materials and component descriptions, metric and geometrical data, material layers, etc.

Advanced features also allow you to filter and organize data for further viewing in specific report tables. A dedicated Table Creation wizard helps you prepare customizable tables too.


Automatic project construction documents

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