Looking for SMART tools when it comes to
dealing with remodelling and renovation works?

With Edificius you have a dedicated BIM
environment for addressing Demolitions and
Build phases with detailed working drawings
and automatic quantity surveying for dynamic
project cost estimating


Edificius offers a SMART design environment to plan work variations and remodelling projects with advanced dynamic comparison tools between the “Existing” and “Planned” project phases.

The “Project Group” feature is the advanced work variations and remodelling management tool that automatically integrates two architectural BIM models.

The Architectural objects (walls, windows, floors, etc.) in the “SURVEYED” situation of BIM model are identified as “EXISTING”, while the objects defined from scratch in the “Planned Build” situation are then identified as “NEW”.

Thanks to special “Tools” (demolisher, trowel and magic wand) you can easily mark the elements to demolish or define new architectural elements to be built.
“Project Group” also manages all the information generated by dynamically comparing the existing situation and the planned layout.

The comparison is automatically organised in the drawing model nodes (area plans, floor plans, cross-sections, elevation views, and construction details) for both of the BIM models.

Specific options allow to customize the comparison chart criteria too.