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Activate a subscription at your choice and only for the period of time that you need… At truly SMART costs

Software with SMART costs

With ACCA’s software solutions you can pay according to your needs and get everything else included in one single cost: software use, updates, technical support and online training. Even choose to pay a monthly subscription and make great savings compared to other solutions.
Compare the cost of ACCA’s software solutions with other main competitors for yourself.

Purchase methods and costs

You can subscribe once the trial period is over directly from the software.


Payment can be made by credit or debit card of the following companies and the corresponding invoice for the amount spent for the subscription will be sent to your email address.




All transactions are completed through secure online bank payment systems and your credit card info is NOT stored in any way on our servers.



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Monthly subscription
Valid for 3 PCs
Annual subscription
Valid for 3 PCs
PriMus€ 19.00€ 149.00

Main advantages of purchasing ACCA’s software solutions with subscription plans

  • You have the advantage of always having the latest and most advanced technology. ACCA software solutions, with temporary subscription licensing, is constantly updated.
  • You have the advantage of installing the software of choice on 3 PCs by means of a single subscription plan with SMART costs.
  • You have the advantage to increase the number of licenses in the case of specific workloads, with additional subscriptions limited in time.
  • Even use the software offline, in fact, the ACCA software subscription plan is installed on the client’s PC, therefore, feel free to work even without being connected to the internet for up to 10 consecutive days.
  • You have the advantage of continuous technical support, video tutorials and online forums to never feel alone. All services are included in the chosen subscription plan.

The provided billing information (eg. name and e-mail address) must correspond to the person who will be managing the software (although it could be the case of an organization). The specified person will receive important information and administrative privileges to manage the software. WARNING! Once a subscription plan has been purchased, the reference contact’s data cannot be changed.

ACCA Educational: the ACCA solutions for schools, teachers and students

ACCA offers free software access to students and teachers allowing the future generation of students to get ready and prepare for working life.

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