A BIM software innovative, professional and easy to use?
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Try the first free BIM software integrated with real-time rendering to assess your design choices in real time, the first BIM that even allows you to create highly immersive 3D video for architectural visualizations, an advanced BIM Design solution for integrating architectural design, structural analysis and cost estimating, in a simple, innovative, professional and much more convenient solution.

Free BIM software - Edificius

Maximum productivity from a BIM software

Integrated architectural BIM design with structural calculations and cost estimating. Dynamic integration with Sketchup. All the power of the embedded Edificius-CAD the 2D and 3D DWG native CAD application. Architectural BIM model in IFC format. Topographic land survey data and mapping directly from Google Maps satellite imagery.

Free BIM software - Edificius

Improve your design work and give greater satisfaction to the artist in you

With Real Time Rendering, you can check your design choices in real time. Experience shapes, materials, objects, lights, etc. without having to wait for hours for a single rendered image.

Free BIM software - Edificius

A single software solution to address all architectural design aspects.

With a single BIM software you can approach architectural design, outdoor spaces and gardens, and even address interior design too…
Edificius gives you all the necessary project presentation tools too: real time rendering, video and animations, scene photo montage tools and retouch and an online BIM Objects Library of HD textures and 3D models.

Free BIM software - Edificius

High quality visual presentations

Impress your clients with professional video and renderings that have never been so close to reality. Involve your client in the design process with realistic simulations of the project, change materials, re-arrange furniture or even change the architectural concept together with your client.

Free BIM software - Edificius

Keep up with the latest regulations

Face the new regulatory framework that introduces the use of BIM software in many parts of the world with regard to Public Procurement procedures.

Free BIM software - Edificius

Feel safe with constant technical support

Full online technical support, video tutorials, forums and starter courses. From day one, always at your service.