A single 3D rendering software for Architecture.
Visually striking renderings of your projects become
easier and faster with Edificius.


Architectural design and project presentations in a single software? Now you can!

With a unique BIM software you can approach architectural design, open spaces and gardens, interior design… and get everything you need to present your projects in a professional manner: automatic renderings, video and animation, scene photo montages and photo editing tools and full access to an online catalogue full of HD textures and 3D Models.

3D photorealistic rendering software for Architecture

Visually striking renderings (photorealistic rendering, transparent background renders, clay renderings, etc.).

Interior design 3D renderings

For the interior design aspects, Edificius offers a catalogue of furniture and advanced rendering features for professional presentations.

Exterior 3D renderings

Even for advanced design for gardens, outdoor spaces, public and private parks or the arrangement of outdoor and urban spaces can be enhanced by very realistic and professional presentations.

Funzioni software di Rendering 3D

The spiral tower

A 64-bit rendering engine. No more limits!

With a 64-bit rendering engine, manage large amounts of data, necessary for the rendering process, (geometry, materials, lights, etc.) with the best possible performance! Make the best out of a 64-bit architecture… There really are no limits!

Scene Photo Alignment

Scene Photo Montage and Retouching… All in the same 3D rendering software!

With the Photo Montage and photo editing tools integrated within the architectural BIM, there’s no need for other sophisticated, difficult to learn software, when needing to simulate the building in its context. Take a photo and in a few easy steps, the final result is there before your eyes!

Depth of Field used on the Parco delle Mimose project

Depth of field to highlight the project details…

With Depth of Field get rendered images with a different focus level to emphasize and highlight specific project details.

8i House - with the volumetric lighting effect

Volumetric lighting for enhanced photographic effects

With Volumetric Light Scattering or re-create the typical morning fog effect… a true photographic effect that enhances realism.

casa Altabrisa - Photo touching effects with the sepia colouring mask

Effects, filters and colors… A 3D rendering software that allows you to create your own personal style!

Surprise your customers with rendering and animation of great emotional impact.
With the Magic Render tool, you can easily adjust light and contrast with special color filters (brightness, contrast, etc.) and even apply other artistic filters (sketch, vintage, cartoon, etc.) for impressive results!
With the “3D Effects” you create your own style by applying custom effects (oil painting, pencil sketching, comic style borders, etc.)… even to your animations too.

Climate backgrounds

Lights, shadows, reflections… automatically from an image!

When choosing among the various climatic background images (sunny, scattered clouds, cloudy, etc.), the relating rendering parameters (lights, shadows, reflections, etc.) are automatically defined. Beautifully appealing 3D renderings… even if you’re not an expert!

Interior rendering assessment with the Altabrisa house project

Photorealistic renderings with vivid colors, brighter and sharper reflections!

Thanks to the specific features for managing the behaviour of light in interior and exterior renderings, you also get:
• vivid and bright colors with lighter shades
• windows with sharper reflections of the landscape and surrounding objects

Clay render of Altabrisa house

Clay Render: the 3D rendering feature for architectural concept presentations…

With Clay Rendering, apply a simple neutral color to the BIM model for concept presentations or for assessing the project in context only with shapes and volumes.

Looking for a SMART BIM software for 3D Architectural Design?

(Edificius is also available in Chinese)